Bioware: PS3 Mass Effect 3 a 'good guess'

Bioware has hinted that the final game in the Mass Effect trilogy may be available on the PlayStation 3, alongside the Xbox 360 and PC.

When asked whether future Mass Effect titles would be appearing on Sony's PS3 Bioware CEO, Dr Ray Muzyka indicated that it would be a "good guess".

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Newtype2679d ago

Why would it not be on the PS3?

NYC_Gamer2679d ago

the series will end on all 3 platforms...and might be released at same time

nygamer282679d ago

i hope you dont mean the wii?

ThaGeNeCySt2679d ago

think he means 360/PS3/PC

yewles12679d ago

So PC's not a platform all of a sudden?

scott1822679d ago

The wii version would be interesting to see, barf.....

R2D22679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Why give the PS3 fans a great game like ME2 only to have them not experinace the next one.

My only guess is that MS will use there 3 month exclusive tactic which I hate about MS.

Edit: @ below you are correct sir but that does not mean that the PS3 cant get a ME3 Sigma on the same day as ME3 360 - It all depneds on how far in development ME3 and how well ME2 is received by the PS3 fans.

Kastanaras2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Microsoft has the publishing rights for all 3 games. Like ME2 you won't see ME3 on PS3 till after it's released on 360.

LionheartAce2679d ago

Microsoft only held the publishing rights to the first Mass Effect at the time. BioWare is owned by EA now so they own publishing rights to all of them, including the first on PC. So the probability of a time exclusive is down to EA - which is unlikely considering the partnership they have with Sony. Which is why they more than likely thought to bringing it over to PS3.

SeanRL2679d ago

He meant all three actual next gen platforms.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

EA owns the IP as a Publisher, not Microsoft.

And yeah, ME3 is coming for PS3 too.

AtatakaiSamurai2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

the nintendo DS has a version ea is working on... you didn't hear that from me :X

I'm disappointed w/ these guys article. Stating the obvious for a rather blah write out. Ofcourse ME3 will be on the PS3.

A more interesting article and headline would have been "Mass Effect3 exclusive on the PS3?" always have to put that question mark in there you know cause it looks so pretty that why it's always done on n4g titles *sigh*

0mega42678d ago

EA will release all three at the same time as they do not have any exclusivitivty contacts with xbox.

and by releasing them on all three
will maximize there sales and profit

i expect if they make me 2 better than it was on xbox
and do what they've recently been doing by giving the ps3 versions more content

that the ps3 version of me3 will out sell the 360 version

as die hard fans will want the best console experience they can get if they do not have access to a computer

Commander_TK2678d ago

the publishing rights to 1st 1 only, that´s why it isn´t PS3. Just like Nintendo owns the rights for GoldenEye 007

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AlienFodder2679d ago

Because BioWare could decide to pull a Ubisoft on PS3 owners. Ubisoft started releasing the Splinter Cell games on the Playstation as well as the 360until they suddenly changed their minds this year with Conviction.

Shazz2679d ago

makes sense i mean the console ONLY DOES EVERYTHING .

ThaGeNeCySt2679d ago

Of course it will be... why wouldn't it? lol

jdktech20102679d ago

I figured they would release just two and leave 1 and 3 out of it.....teasing PS3 owners and saying to get the whole picture you have to get a 360......

Seriously, why wouldn't it be? Really newsworthy here people?

AgileNate2679d ago

That happened last generation of consoles with Onimusha on the xbox :P

Shazz2679d ago

doubtful EA do that though i mean have you seen what they have done with ps3 over the last year and next year , exclusive dlc and nearly if not all there games are developed on ps3 now and with mass effect the reality is that 500k in sales makes it worth the effort bringing it too ps3

TheTeam062679d ago

Happened to Metal Gear Solid 2 on the Xbox.

Still, that wasn't EA. EA not only has a good relationship with Sony, but they are pretty anti-exclusive. They'll try to make any game they have part in a release on as many platforms as possible and if not, they'll make their own version of an exclusive game (Dante's Inferno).

Stealth20k2679d ago

Of course ME 3 will be multi plat. That was the real implication of the ME 2 announcement

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