Madden NFL Superstars Revealed

Peter Moore promised that we'd see Madden on Facebook, so where the heck is it? Bitmob's Community Manager, Andrew Hiscock, may have just found out.

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Sadie21003014d ago

Madden is everywhere! You cannot escape it....

bearsfaan3014d ago

This might be the first Facebook game I ever play. Curious to learn more.

M3rkMast3r3014d ago

Will there be a Madden Farm-ville crossover?

andresegers3014d ago

You just found a blue madden!

RockYou3014d ago

Is EA going after the soccer-mom demographic that Farmville has cornered?

bearsfaan3014d ago

They're just going after the same type of person who plays EA Sports FIFA Superstars. That game has over four million active players, so it seems to be doing pretty well.

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