Kombo Interviews the Creators of Shank

We had a chance to ask the creators of Shank a few questions. Shank is the revenge based brawler hitting the downloadable marketplaces on the PS3 and 360 early next week. In preperation for the bloody glory that is Shank, take some time to read our interview. We discuss the co-op play, the defense in combat, inspiration and more.

And, yes, there's a haiku.

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VTHockey4112895d ago

Love the art style for Shank! It's looking like it's going to be a seriously awesome game!!!

StoicGriffin2895d ago

One weapon to one button. Simple genius. Thank you Shank.

ednorris2895d ago

Calling it, one of the best this year (I hope).

MattG-PTB2895d ago

Anyone else glad that the Shank soundtrack is being released for free download? It doesn't get any better than that.

Fatal Blow2895d ago

Shank will be a awesome game

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