3D Realms Hopes to Kick Ass, Chew Bubblegum with Duke Nukem on Xbox Live Arcade

Little has been heard about the legendary Duke Nukem Forever recently, but Duke series developer 3D Realms does want to bring its classic 1996 shooter Duke Nukem 3D to Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade.

News of the studio's desire to develop the port came in Shacknews' chat comments from 3D Realms' George Broussard, who said the studio could develop a Live Arcade version of the game if Microsoft is interested.

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maxxe3936d ago

I remember wasting many hours with this game several years ago. I would love to play it through XBL! A whole new generation of Duke players might light a fire under the A$$ of 3DR to get DNF out the door faster!

Rhezin3936d ago

YES bring it to arcade Microsoft, BEST ARCADE TITLE EVAR!

MK_Red3936d ago

While I wish this was DNF related news, anything new about Duke is welcome. Duke Nukem (forever) FTW!