How to kill a PS3. Is it really possible?

So how good is the PS3 console when put under extreme operating pressure and alternating environments? The total concept of the Ps3 console instills robustness, stability and durability, the overall package combines the latest chip technology and peripheral advancements. The following results of the console are noteworthy reading and were done under the following guidelines. Results were recorded accurately to provide an actual operating statistic.

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reaferfore204057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Who would have thought. Now if they would test the 360's and compare the two.

eLiNeS4057d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

There are no games for it right now and there is definitely no lineup like the Xbox 360 has with AAA game after AAA game. Sure, the Xbox 360 has had a few problems for some people but M$ has done more than any other company would have and all the new systems being released have HDMI and heat sinks added to insure no more problems.

I would rather have a broken down Xbox 360 that I know will be repaired that has the lineup of games coming out for it this fall than a PS3 with not much in the AAA department, and please no list, we know what’s what by now, but thanks.

This just shows how biased this site is, 66 disagrees and counting. Looks like I will remain under my Bubble Shield!

I am prepared for a flame war but the PS3 is already charred!

MannyHarlem1414057d ago

What line up this fall? You have an impressive games (that will likely not remain exclusive in Bioshock and Halo in sept... everything else worth a frrrukk is most undoubtedly multi-plat... The PS3 is bringing out 1st party gold! their internal studios would put Nintendos and Microsofts to shame... Heavenly Sword, Lair, Warhawk, ratchet clank... they're all dammmn good and theyll be out this fall for the ps3...

I have an xbox 360 and i'll probably get the aforementioned games + Mass Effect in Nov.. you have these retarted delusions of a fall line up of 300000 AAA titles all coming exclusively to the 360 and it's just not true, bud... if u wanna play unreal tourney and Haze in this millenium you also need a PS3 lolz

stop acting as if an evidently inferior console with a biggger game library is better because its been out for more than one year longer... when i 1st got my 360 i coulnt justify the purchase.. i was playing CoD 2 and Battlefield for months until gears and vegas came out and all those games are or would have been multiplat if the ps3 had been out... except for gears of war (which is GREAT)

The ps3 is worth 500 or 600 for that matter.. i love mine, more so than my 360 and i can speak from exp. (i own both consoles), you on the other hand... cannot.. u talk crap online to qualm ur boredom because ur tired of playing gears.. have u even got "seriously" yet? lolz

Umbrella Corp4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

All you fanboys are soooo alike mannyharlem141 how can you deny the 360s amazing line up and dont pull out killzone,that might not even last as good as Halo 3 will you all sleep praying for hALO 3 to come to ps3 same for xbots with metal gear solid 4 IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN you are all EQUAL!And sony boys?the ps2 was great because of great games it wasnt as powerfull as the xbox 1 if you use the same logic to this generation it seems the wii will win because of its great price or if you dont consider it "next gen" then stfu! Edit:This is just like a average fanboy being a prick and taking my bubbles espeacially sony boys nahnahnahnahnahnah you hate it when i say sony has a lack of games or mgs4 will never be for the 360 dumb fanboys go f yourself

midgard2294057d ago

360 has had more problems than any other system E lines.

and um ps3 has AAA titles after one another after august 25 till 2009, while 360 has only halo abnd bioshock, blue dragon eternal sonota and lost oddesy, o and fable 2, but no more after that, well for exclusives that is. tho im definatly gettin those games and a 360 ;p but i luv my ps3 too

D_U_I4057d ago

Microshafts excuse to make some extra cash on the side. That thing will be dead within a year, what have they got after this year repeats of the same games. hahahah. I guess some microshafter will make a list with 180 games for 2008, DONT BOTHER. Sony will buy rockstar, blu-ray will win, MS will lose. Once this year is over the PS3 will get so damn good, 'flying off the shelves' We also get bioshock, i'm buying that.... MS are starting to fall behind



reaferfore204057d ago

I love the way everyone hit reply then just started ranting on about something completely irrelevent to the subject matter.


Not really. I just want attention so I'm gonna bash the other guys system ;)

AuburnTiger4057d ago

"I would rather have a broken down Xbox 360 that I know will be repaired"

That's priceless

Rageanitus4057d ago

you sound like a typical fanboy...... whether it be be sony ms or nintendo.

It is quite annoying to see fanboys like yourself bring up the Idea console A has better games coming out thant console B.

where does this conept come from.... its called opinion. More importantly how many of these games are you going to ACTUALLY buy.

I dont know imo the xbox 360 has nothing to offer to me imo. Except for r6 vegas, graw, gears. But guess what those are on multiplatform.
so that just gets rid of the idea of purchasing the system

The ps3 has more games coming out than xbox over the next 8-10 months that cater to the public hype, but only a handful seem interesting . Meaning Im going to choose to BUY some products based on my opinion.
One example is lair, imo it looks like total crap (maybe im wrong)

It kindov get's ridiculous when you start seeing fans from both sides list tons of games from each side, when im quite they will not buy all the games due to restricted cash flow.

Now onto topic, the xbox is a crap piece of engineering. This is the key reason why I did not purchase it. to have something break on me quickly IT would piss me off. 400 dollars is still 400 dollars. Im pretty sure if you xbox were to break on you would care.

And there are simply not games on the xbox that are coming out that interst me (that includes the hyped halo).... guess what that is my opinion

Foliage4057d ago

To eLiNeS:

The reason to buy a PS3 right now is because it is obviously the winner down the road, why wait? Unlike the 3fixme you are not faced with an impending expiration date. I do agree that now is the time to buy a 3fixme, if you are dumb enough to be in the market for one. the "3fixme Halo emulator" will finally be put to use, and you wouldn't want to risk buying one too early, or else you might miss the playable window of a working 3fixme console.

Sony's - Playstation 3


1. Heavenly Sword - IGN
2. Killzone - IGN
3. Resistance: Fall of Man - IGN
4. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - IGN
5. LittleBigPlanet - IGN
6. Final Fantasy XIII - IGN
7. Final Fantasy Versus XIII - IGN
8. God of War III - IGN
9. Home - IGN
10. White Knight Story - IGN
11. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - IGN
12. MotorStorm - IGN
13. Lair - IGN
14. SOCOM: Confrontation - IGN
15. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - IGN
16. Folklore - IGN
17. Singstar - IGN
18. WarDevil: Enigma - IGN
19. Warhawk - IGN
20. Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - IGN
21. Ridge Racer 7 - IGN
22. DC Universe - IGN
23. The Getaway 3 - IGN
24. Way of the Samurai 3 - IGN
25. Genji: Days of the Blade - IGN
26. Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire - IGN
27. Full Auto 2: Battlelines - IGN
28. Gran Turismo 5 - IGN
29. Tekken 6 - IGN
30. L.A. Noire - IGN
31. Ninja Gaiden Sigma - IGN
32. Redwood Falls - IGN
33. Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - IGN
34. Eight Days - IGN
35. Afrika - IGN
36. The Eye of Judgement - IGN
37. Empire - IGN
38. Gran Turismo HD - IGN
39. Boku no Natsu Yasumi 3 - IGN
40. Fifth Phantom Saga - IGN
41. Big Time Revenge - IGN
42. Monster Hunter 3 - IGN
43. Hot Shots Golf - IGN
44. Gradius PS3 - IGN
45. Driver PS3 - IGN
46. Wipeout 6
47. The Agency(PC) - IGN
PlayStation Eye
48. -EyeCreate - IGN
49. -Aqua Vita
50. -Ember
51. -Skyblue
52. -EyeDentify
53. Coded Arms Assault - IGN
54. Kurayami/Darkness - IGN
55. Ni-Oh - IGN
56. Red Dead Revolver 2 - IGN
57. Romance of the Three Kingdoms PS3 - IGN
58. The Wall(PC) - IGN
59. METRO 2033: The Last Refuge(PC) - IGN
60. MMO Free Realms(PC) - IGN
61. Time Crisis 4 - IGN
62. Mist of Chaos - IGN
63. F1: Championship Edition 2006 - IGN
64. Shin Megami Tensei - IGN
65. My Summer Vacation - IGN
66. Gretzky NHL - IGN
67. Team Siren Project - IGN
68. Railfan - IGN
69. Angel Rings - IGN
70. Pain - IGN
71. InFamous (more details coming)


* Zone of the Enders 3
* Chain Limit
* Brave Arms
* Airtight PS3 Project (probably PC)
* Factor 5 Project #2 - IGN
* Housemarque PS3 Title
* Project Zero Next-Gen - IGN
* SCE & Quantic Dream PS3 Project - link


* Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier (validation pending)
* Angel Rings - IGN
* Genji 2
* Monster Carnival - IGN
* Nucleus - IGN (is this a PSN game?)
* PaRappa the Rapper 3
* CyberConnect2 PS3 Project - Link
* Record of Agarest War PS3 - Link
* Megazone 23 - Link
* Resistance Fall of Man 2
* Epic & Sony working title
* Battle Field Valkyrie
* Disgaea 3

And by exclusive I mean they are mostly unavailable on the PC. I can't wait to play Bioshock on my PC. The list is also without Unreal (with Mods) and Haze.

Qayin4057d ago

You are the man and that list is correct!!!

s8anicslayer4056d ago

you are a damn fickn arswipe, a total flame, shut the fick up with stupid posts like that

foxbait954056d ago

"I would rather have a broken down Xbox 360 that I know will be repaired"
BAGAGA what a FOOL, LOL. we all know MS has the worst hardware on the market, and Sony has the best, this is known.and sony has a crap load of games comming out, so what excuse will the Xflops have now?

ZyKlOn4056d ago

How to kill a Xbox 360 turn i on

urban bohemian4053d ago

The fact you still have bubbles is impressive, how did you manage to get 101 disagrees, thats the most I've ever seen. Its beyond funny!

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InMyOpinion4057d ago

The report section is for reports and not comments. Keep your personal comments in the comments section, that's what it's there for.

LOFT3164057d ago

is that what these chumps call a good gaming session 108 hours damm !well anyway thats not bad but compaired to the xbox boys they'd be lucky if they could manage a session that would last 2 hours without the piece of junk over heatin and breakin down

ShiftyLookingCow4057d ago

thats a load of bull, I played Saints Row 20 hours straight(I was starving for that kind of game and it had wierd humor) last december, it worked fine. But I doubt it will last 108 hours. Makes me happy about my PS3.

jay34057d ago

Me too!

And i got an Achievement for it!

When i play PS3 it feels so empty without Achievements...

xmod4056d ago

I want to see a time-lapsed video of this on Youtube.

I **do** believe this was actually done but it would be nice to actually see a ps3 being played while in a sauna or a freezer.

Bathyj4057d ago

120F WTF. Even I thought that was going to work. 108 nearly 4 and a half days straight. WOW. Thats pretty reliable

ShiftyLookingCow4057d ago

try pouring 2ltr bottle of Coke on it