Amazon Begins Specifically Listing Xbox 360 Premium with HDMI

Amazon has started specifically selling the newest Xbox 360 'Premium' version with HDMI output.

Looks like they cleared out the old models during their $329.99 fire sale, and have now re-stocked with the latest/greatest version available at the recently reduced price of $349.99.

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reaferfore203941d ago

Now whats the hdmi used for again? Upscaled 1080p and 7.1 surround sound?

ShiftyLookingCow3941d ago

I knew they would do this, I wonder what the $329 consoles were

Fighter3941d ago

So many changes to the console in one year alone. Next is the falcon 65nm chip-set version. After that I'm not sure what's next. You guys tell me.

ShiftyLookingCow3941d ago

the one with inbuilt HDDVD drive is a joke I am sure. HDDVD games is a much bigger joke. Its more likely 120gigs become standard, and 120drive get a big price cut. MS is more into digital distribution of HD content than HDDVD. It earns more that way. 45nm is probably coming in 1 and half years.

aaquib23941d ago

Till they list specifically the Falcon 360's and then the HD DVD 360's/

DrRage773941d ago

the "falcon" 360 is NOT a new is simply the codename that microsoft gave to the 65nm chipset...why do people keep making comments on it as if it were some sort of new 360 sku??? EVERY SINGLE CONSOLE has gotten interhanl hardware upgrades throughout the lifespan of the console to reduce costs, yet all these sony fanboys keep jumping on microsoft for something sony has done countless times with the ps1 and ps2.....

alexander22rednaxela3941d ago

Quite shure MS will start bundling the core sku with hd-dvd, that might be right up their alley.

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