Plasma Display Panels Losing To LCDs

Sales of plasma display panels, or PDPs, have failed to keep pace with those of liquid crystal displays, a market research firm said. As a result, PDP revenues are expected to peak next year, and start dropping in 2009.

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Ru4059d ago

Are very important to gaming this gen and knowing all the info about HD sets is important.
I have a plasma, my next set will be LCD.

Jdoki4059d ago

People can only buy what they can get hold of. Certainly in the UK if I walk in to an electrical shop, LCD HDTV's are pretty much the only thing they stock.

Also, there's public perception and knowledge. Most 'average' consumers are having a hard enough time working out what all this Hi-Def stuff is about without having to then make a decision between Plasma and LCD.

FirstknighT4059d ago

The new samsung 81 series is the best tv on the market! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Fighter4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Right now LCD TVs can go up to full 1080p while plasma's can only do 720p or 1080i but as the technology improves plasma's may go 1080p and beyond.

Plasma has a greater chance of images burning into the screen permanently therefore it is not recommended for gaming but future models may not have this issue. LCD flat panel TVs have a very, very slim chance of having image burn-ins. LCD projection TVs are known to have burn-ins. I'm not sure about DLP HDTVs.

I must mention that Plasma TVs can show more vivid colors compared to LCD and that is the only advantage that I know so far. The future holds more different HDTV formats to arrive. I heard of one where they use lasers.

Format wars are everywhere and will continue to exist forever.

ddldave4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

they already can make 1080p plasmas but it's really expensive, more expensive than 1080p lcd's. most people scared of plasma because they hear rumor about burn-ins and stuff when that rumor is old and ancient. new plasma only 1 percent or less get burn-ins, but people are still scared because lcd fanboys already going around making up burn-ins saying that it happens a lot. the 05+ plasma models are really hard to get burn-ins, really hard. lcd fanboys really killing it this time. i seen a 720p plasma beside a 1080p lcd, and i definitely choose a plasma over that lcd anyday, the plasma's color is just too crazy, and the contrast ratio is just too insane. it creates more realistic everything than lcd. and lcd gets motion blurs and stuff too. and the deep black levels of plasmas really bloom up the contrast and makes the color great. even some companies make plasmas as their main models, like pioneer only makes plasmas, and panasonic makes lcd's as their secondary televisions and they focus and invest mainly on their plasmas.

ShiftyLookingCow4059d ago

the image I used for this is a 1080p 50 inch Samsung Plasma and it costs about $4200. Way too expensive for a technology that continually evolves.

sjappie4059d ago

I own a 50" panasonic plasma, and I play my 360 for hours and hours and I've got my pc hooked up, but I never have (permanent) burn ins. Sure, when the picture goes black,i.e. when you turn your xbox off, you might see some lines, but they dissapear real quick.
Contrast ratios(deeper blacks) and colors are way better than lcd.

IQUITN4G4059d ago

Lcd is very poor in comparison.Movement blur of LCD is atrocious no matter how you set it up and in comparison to Plasma is a joke.CRT is still the best technology because for games running at 60fps , there simply isn't a hint of blurring - Plasma still ever so slightly blurs just not as staggeringly bad as LCD.Trouble is that people don't notice this and i certainly wont be surprised to find loads of people disagreeing here.

Dragonopolis4059d ago

if it isn't an issue then why make it one.

I find the new LCDs to be way better than current Plasma. I believe one of the major problems with Plasma is that it isn't improving at a faster rate than LCD. On top of this major problem is that development is more expensive than LCD to begin with.

I just saw the new Sharp LCD TVs at Fry's Electronics. Talk about a major improvement. All TVs that Fry's display are usually facing out toward the open floor and usually have dedicated movie players. There was a Plasma that they were displaying and it had an HD DVD player. One of the Sharps had an HD DVD player and the Sharp LCD just blew it away. Granted the Sharp had "just come out" and the Plasma had been there awhile but still the difference was staggering.

On a side note:

Fry's also had a Sharp LED LCD that was larger and was not on the Show section but among the other Big Screens. Why Fry's didn't put this on the Showcase I don't know (Probably didn't wan't to make it appear all top TVs were Sharps). All the other HDTVs were on some type of Shared TV/Sat thing (I wasn't sure and I didn't ask) but....

Whoa.... LED LCD is the Closest thing I've seen to DLP with the Vivid Color thing going. I'd even say that it rivals DLP because it is Vivid but still keeps that natural look to it.

LED Backlit LCD are going to rock.....

the Sharp 52" 1080p "120hz" LCD with 15,000:1 contrast HDMI 1.3 was only $4200 right now. Imagine what this TV (or one like it from another company) will cost by Christmas.

Droooolllllllllllllllllll.... ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ITR4059d ago

Dragon just go to a HHGregg and get that tv for $3,800

I've sold two of them for that price.

The new Samsung FPT 50" plasma displays blows away the new 52 Sharp and Super Clear Panel Samsung LCD's.

ITR4059d ago

I notice blur on almost all LCD's except on the upper range models.
$4k+ models.

I don't see any blur on the new Samsung FPT plasma's.
But I do on the older models and some of the older Panasonics and Hitachi's and Toshiba's.