Threespeech Reviews Heavenly Sword: "Amazing, Addictive, Original"

At last, we've got hold of pretty complete preview code and from the moment we popped it into our debug, our worries melted away. There's no doubt it will be held up as an example of the sort of killer games the PS3 so badly needs when it arrives in the shops in September.

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the greatest4025d ago

after my girl played the demo
she went out and picked up another ps3
because she know when warhawk drop
there no other game allowed in the ps3

ArduousAndy4025d ago

Im not a fan it just reminds me too much of god of war. I know everyone says its not but to me it is.

However that is not a bad thing. God of war is a fun game to play. So this in all rights if it is a "god of war clone" then technically it should be fun to play.

But then again this review is coming from a sony site. Lets see the reviews from IGN and gamespot that give it rave reviews. This is the equivlent of OXM saying Halo 3 rules.

Loudninja4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

So open the link, before you guys report .They review a complete preview version,than means it most likely will get no better

alexander22rednaxela4025d ago

look at her hair when she is moving, it looks jerky and stiff inn a way.

Armyless4025d ago

her make-up is pretty. I wonder if she layers. I like the color of her hair too. Reminds me of candy corns. Her outfit says a lot about her. I bet she works out.

The comments on this site make my eyes bleed sometimes.

StrboyM4025d ago

Threespeech said that (sarcasm)

your kidding...dont they work for sony? i am shocked(sarcasm)

im getting this game (genuine)

Zhuk4025d ago

shoddy journalism at threespeech, it's a PREVIEW

'original' it's goddess of war

techie4025d ago

Nearly every preview I've read has very strongly said that this is not Goddess Of War. But I'm presuming you've read none of them - but have just read the title of this "review"

FirstknighT4025d ago

That is what they said about Resistance. The developers said "it is NOT Call of Duty with aliens." When the reviews came out..."It's like Call of Duty with Aliens.

Zhuk4025d ago

all you have to do is play the demo to know its goddess of war

Greysturm4025d ago

Godess of war that means that bioshock is fear underwater, or mass effect kotor without lightsabers or even Halo can be considered a goldeneye or perfect dark with heavy armor and aliens.

techie4025d ago

"The developers said "it is NOT Call of Duty with aliens."

If only I was talking about the developers. Ninja Theory have been flattered with mentions of God of War in the same breath of Heavenly Sword. No I wasn't talking about developers. I was talking about journalists who have played preview builkds of a whole chapater of the game. 1up, IGN, CVG, PSU - they all have very clear comments that say "This is not God of War with a chick" - go have a read - or do you want me to quote every exact paragraph that they clearly get rid of the opinion that it's Goddess of War?

They had the same worries - but their worries were put to sleep - maybe if you read the previews you would feel the same way. But as I know - why read the previews of a game you're never going to buy? Hence if you're never going to buy it, and have never read the previews - then why comment AT ALL on the game with silly presumptions?

Armyless4025d ago

Don't confuse the man with facts. lol

okcomputer4025d ago

I can play that game too. Mass effect isn't original either, its just kotor without jedi.

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