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Submitted by bashesh 1928d ago | article

Price Fight: Xbox 360 with Kinect vs. PlayStation 3 with Move -

Microsoft played its hand at E3, while Sony laid down a few new cards at yesterday's Gamescom presser, so how do the two systems stack up now that everything's on the table?

Our latest build-it-yourself matrix (see our post-E3 chart here) can't tell you what to buy, since that depends what you're after, but it will give you a sense of what you'll have to pay if you buy all at once, or kit your system in pieces. Remember that this chart doesn't gauge the "soft" value of services like Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Home, or how having a network of friends clustered on a given system could influence your decision. (PS3, Xbox 360)

GWAVE  +   1929d ago
One has 40+ games supported, the other had river rafting and tiger petting.

One has accuracy, the other does not.

But hey, both have Mass Effect 2!
DelbertGrady  +   1929d ago
Kinectimals looks to have a lot of foliage though.
btk  +   1929d ago
Best comment of the day so far. lol
NecrumSlavery  +   1928d ago
Soda, you earned a bubble
DSI  +   1928d ago
But wait...
EDIT: NM, it's not worth getting into. I'll take this one off.
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MulticonsoleOwner   1928d ago | Spam
weazel  +   1928d ago
Soda Popinsky
..Ba-Zing. (Bubble up!)
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   1928d ago
absolutely agree.
when e3 started it seemed as if kinect had support from all these devs, but you really had to ask yourself: what KIND of support are we talkin here? flailing an arm for a grenade in gears? moving a hand to cast a spell in fable 3? it seems like the most kinect can do is add stupid little gimmicky movements to all the hardcore games. that didnt seem to stop ms from trying to make it seem like all the good-ass hardcore devs were supporting kinect full on. but in reality devs like epic and lionhead dont seem to be doing shit with kinect outside of those gimmicky movements.

the only REAL, FULL games that use kinect seem to be really weak. so weak they might make casuals wanting more.

Move seems to be on the other side of the playing field though. right off the bat we see that PLENTY of our favorite hardcore games have FULL move support. just think about it for yourself: you might not be a game developer, but youve got to admit that its pretty hard to imagine a hardcore game with full kinect support. how would you play? there are plenty of games that i can imagine working seamlessly with move on the other hand.
NYC_Gamer  +   1929d ago
Move has way more real titles and not just mini games
0mega4  +   1928d ago
how well the kinect is priced
if it doesn't preform when it steps up to the plate
then it wont even matter
Cevapi88  +   1928d ago
the site says 4 players...i have yet to hear anything from MS about 4 players...everything we have seen is 2 players playing at a time...
Focker-420  +   1928d ago
Thats because Kinect can only do 2 players at once.
Foliage  +   1928d ago
Fact: Kinect can only support 2 full body skeletal meshes at once.

Aside from how it cannot detect open or closed hands, although a "full body" mesh is limited with the Kinect, not tracking the full mesh essentially means the game can only track you bobbing around like an idiot, since a 4 player game would mean half the joints being tracked than needed for the full body. Any game that would support 3+ players would involve the worst gameplay ever imaginable, things the Wii laughs at.

360 can track 48 joints at once, a full skeletal mesh takes 20 joints. Easy math. If Microsoft ever gets finger or proper hand tracking, I don't even see them supporting 2 players. It's a mess if you have access to their specs like I do. Everything I stated here is public knowledge, you don't even want to imagine what their secrets look like.

Saying Kinect supports "up to 4 players" is the equivalent of microsoft printing upscaled resolutions on the back of their boxes instead of Native Resolutions, or having them tell you there is such a thing as a "console exclusive". More BS.
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Foliage  +   1928d ago
Nice, someone disagreed with plain specifications of the unit.

I bet you were crying when you clicked the button kid.
ingiomar  +   1928d ago
kinect will sell better

Move is better for the hardcore
Foliage  +   1928d ago
Not likely. There is a large casual market attached to the Playstation name. See PS2 expected to pass 150 million units sold in its lifetime. Half of which are casual players.

Playstation offers a variety of games and game types. Microsoft does not have that. Their casual titles look like someone sat down with the Wii and EyeToy and tried to copy them. No innovation. They also abandoned their hardcore audience altogether with Kinect, to the point where even non-Kinect titles are suffering. So you also can't expect at least 85% of their current userbase to care about it.

Don't hold your breath.
Agent-86  +   1928d ago
Can The Kinect Be Played Online?
Here's another question about the Kinect. Can you play any of the games online? From what I've seen, they're all just localized party, fitness, or dance games and none seem to be playable online. Has anyone seen a single demonstration of any Kincect game being played online? Is it because of its lag added with online lag equals unplayable? Since the Move works with games like KZ3 and Socom4, we know that it will be capable of online gaming. Is this just another flaw with the Kinect?
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ethan  +   1928d ago
The Move game "The Fight" has confirmed online as well a few others.
cliffbo  +   1929d ago
this isn't even a contest

MOVE is Kratos clambering up Titans while they claw their way up to the Gods, while Kinect is Kratos swatting a gnat on his neck
The_Infected  +   1928d ago
Move all the way
Must have buttons in my opinion and 1:1 is what really matters thats the most important thing is accuracy and i don't need a mansion to use move lol
maniacmayhem  +   1928d ago
What about the Wii with motion plus!? Way cheaper and a hell of a lot more games!
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Szarky  +   1928d ago
I'm not a graphics whore by any means but seriously who wants to play Nintendo 64 graphics in 2010! Watching any Wii game makes my eyes hurt.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   1928d ago
what the hell are you talking about?
there are hardly any games so far that use wii motion plus.
and like 70% of those games arent even good. be honest with yourself, you know most arent exactly top quality. move has much better support coming its way than the wii motion plus. not to mention Move's hd everything and killer online community which is (practically) non existent on wii.
White-Sharingan  +   1928d ago
I thought everyone knew Move>>>>>Wii remote>>>>Power Glove>>>>Kinect ?
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Agent-86  +   1928d ago
Lol. I like how you slipped the Power Glove in there before the Kinect....Ouch! One of the worst gaming failures next to Virtual Boy. Trying to say something? Like Kinect = fail.
White-Sharingan  +   1928d ago
I honestly wanted Kinect, and the tech that is made of sounds paper...but once I got to see the games, and see how bad the games look and play, I lost hope. The kinect is just too advanced for it's time (which is not a good thing), the idea is there, but we still need a few years until it is perfected (or improved at least).
ExPresident  +   1928d ago
MOVE may be more expensive in at first glance but you are clearing again paying for a quality product. I'm happy to do that considering I was happy to pay $600 for the PS3 release and am still enjoying my FAT PS3 60GB with full BC. Quality, quality, quality.
holdmedownma2008  +   1928d ago
That was a good one . On a serious note, it seems like both devices are targeting two different markets. Regardless of what Sony say, the MOVE is going to get all lot titles we already seen or played. Hell we're already seeing it now with titles like No More Heroes (which I'm excited for) Resident Evil 5 (horrible game) etc. As for Kinect, I really don't know what Microsoft is doing with that device. The only game I'm excited for is that Dance Central game, but other than that I don't see anything else that interests me. I don't want count my chickens before they hatch, so I'm going to have to wait and see.
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Focker-420  +   1928d ago
Price wise for the maximum you will pay is...

1 player - Move ($130 max)
2 player - Kinect ($150 max)
3 & 4 player - Move ($310 max)
iamnsuperman  +   1928d ago
"Note that Microsoft's Kinect supports up to four players out of the box" not exactly true as its only 2 playing the games
jneul  +   1928d ago
for $30 more you can get a ps3 move bundle with 320gb hdd over the 360s arcade which only has 4gb, which you will have to upgrade costing you alot of money!!
Stationfan  +   1928d ago
All I need is two wands and a navigator its BYOW (bring your own wand) in my house
Focker-420  +   1928d ago
Nice one, gives bubs
Neko_Mega  +   1928d ago
Its nice to go cheap, this isn't counting people that might have the cam and the PS3 already, which means less money to spend and if I remember right the Move controller can hook to the PS3 to recharge it.
GodHandDee  +   1928d ago
4 player kinect?
When the hell did this happen? As far as I knew only 2 players were able to play while it could 'detect' up to 6 players?
Freshnikes  +   1928d ago
$300 for a kinect..bundle is not bad the 4gb..thing hurts but most ppl who go to walmart they just want something cheap,hey I get a xbox360 and kinect for $300 they eat it up...they figure out the whole 4gb thing later by then it's to late .like they say u bought that

Ok here is my beef with Sony why can't they match or come close to the $300 ms bundle and kill any momentum..move is already come out first so that's gd but ..the finish him...strategy should be..

Ps3 move bundle 20gb...$325 or $300 or 40gb..$350 ...lower the gb lower the price and destroy competition..
20 gb a lot better the 4gb...hmmmmmmmm Sony go for,,,fatality
Focker-420  +   1928d ago
Sony's HDD provider is discontinuing anything under 160 GB. So that isn't an option. Sony are timing their killshot. Right now is not the time.
rroded  +   1928d ago
yeh im thinking the same
fact is sales are strong right now they will kepp the price up n see how it does but a 200$ ps3 is jus a matter of time!
Motorola  +   1928d ago
Its a good price for Move. Say you want the 160 GB but you plan on getting move. If you buy the 160GB with Move its 399, and the 250GB bundle is 399. :D
Freshnikes  +   1928d ago

What do u mean it's a hdd...they just order a ton for a cheap ass price..and whaaala
Focker-420  +   1928d ago
The company that Sony buys their HDDs from is discontinuing everything under 160 GB.

Sony are trying to progress to bigger and better things, not undercut their very reliable provider just so they can say "haha we beat 360". Thats not something an intelligent business would do.

They will continue to offer better quality for their money. They also don't 'need' to offer a 20 GB because the PS3 has seen year on year growth since launch.

They just need to keep doing what they're doing.
Ps3isSsTheBeStt  +   1928d ago
Sony u Rock FTW!!
phatak  +   1928d ago
i prfer playstation move because it can be patched. I really like that so i can play games like heavy rain, mag and re5 while kinect cant be patched
famalegoods110   1928d ago | Spam
ForROME  +   1928d ago
Interesting, I was unaware Xbox only has HDMI 1.2???

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