Booth Babe pics are in

It's that time again folks, when all that announcement-about-game malarky gets pushed to one side - and the really interesting stuff from this week's Gamescom starts to emerge.

That's right. The booth babe pictures are starting to hit the net. has posted its selection of ad-friendly females at the show.

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PantherDST2919d ago

The photographer who took these pictures must have had one leg shorter than the other.... every picture is canted.

Sarick2918d ago


You're right a few are blurry and all of them are sideways or in an angle. It's so bad it distracts from the content.

Brewski0072918d ago

nah screw it, I still would :P haha.

Perjoss2918d ago

no offense to thse lovely ladies but sometimes they should just be called booth girls.

Apotheosize2918d ago

I really hate these foreign sites