BioShock Video Review: Perfect 5/5

BioShock, the much anticipated shooter gets perfect 5 out of 5 from in this video review.

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MK_Red4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

1.Wow, I just wrote my Top 10 Tribute for BioShock ( ) and here is a prefect 100% score for this amazing game.

2.I don't like but the fact that they gave perfect score to BioShock is more than enough for me to love them (At least now).

3.Special thanks to Sleepbox for mentioning review in PCZONE story.

reaperxciv4061d ago

to be a surprise hit, a must for FPS lovers

xhi44062d ago

cant wait till it comes out on ps3 :D haha But yeah either way ill prob get it for ma 360. Gonna be a hectic game, cept I really want to play this game to see why its so different, seems pretty much the same to me. Cept maybe the different A.I.

MK_Red4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Try my post about Top 10 of BioShock (Link in my first post above) so that you may become a believer.

1UP called BioShock better than Half-Life 1 and 2!

xhi44062d ago

i think its one of those things I have to play to understand the difference if you know what i mean. Like visually, it looks nice, but like on par with next-gen, nothing tooo spectacular if ya know what i mean. But like its the gameplay that everyones saying is revolutionary, so like you know what i mean? Kinda need to play it and feel it to understand why the gameplay is revolutionary aye

Gud post though!

neogeo4061d ago

I wonder if it will come to DS?

ASSASSYN 36o4062d ago

Almost here...almost here. (drooling and scratching screen with dull fingernail)

masterg4062d ago

Damn I'm going to be busy.

BioShock then Warhawk then Lair then Heavenly Sword then Halo 3.

Wasn't 100% sure about this title. But these mega review makes it impossible to miss.

alexander22rednaxela4062d ago

The wallet is going to feel it this fall.

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The story is too old to be commented.