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Submitted by Voltago 2004d ago | news

Diablo 3: No Plans For Xbox 360 And Playstation 3

Blizzard just announced that they don't have any plans to bring Diablo 3 to Xbox 360 and / or Playstation 3. It's stays an PC-exclusive. More through the link. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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8800gtx  +   2004d ago
Limitations of being a closed platform. Blizzard needs time and constantly updates their game. Something Microsoft or Sony would often charge for. Which is why the model probably wouldnt work. Not to mention the inferior controls lol.



For it to sell on console, Controller support would be almost a requirement. Since most people when playing on console tend to play it from the couch using KB mouse in such a position would be difficult. Making the game for controller would mean dumbing it down(something Blizzard has not done with its franchises).

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Bereaver  +   2004d ago
God stop trolling lol......

There is nothing inferior about the controls.... especially since ps3 can use almost any usb mouse or keyboard......
Conloles  +   2004d ago
This is what happens when you have a crappy console which can't handle the game or even have enough buttons for it.
GrieverSoul  +   2004d ago
8800 and Conloles must be the same person or they are just 2 sad people with no console to game on and a 10 year old PC!

On Topic:
I agree that certain franshises belong to the PC! RTS and ARPG like diablo with their skills squares on the bottom of the screen makes these games PC only.

However, if you use the left analog to move the character, the right analog to move the characters 360º facing direction and we would have the movement thing sorted out. R1 and L1 would be right and left mouse click leaving the R2 and L2 to cycle between abilities or pausing the game for the correct ability selection. If they reduced the game speed we might just have it working on a X360 or PS3 just fine.

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InfectedDK  +   2004d ago
Too bad I might skip this great game..
Oh dear..
No PS3 version for me..
Well hell the PS3 library is gigantic legend anyway :D
Bereaver  +   2004d ago
Why does everyone shoot down the keyboard and mouse support for the ps3? I've got 5 disagrees because I said it's possible and would be used?

You make it sound like it would be a chore to sit down on your couch with a $10 laptop stand.

Forget controller support.

You're just beating a dead horse. No one would ever think that a controller would be as good as a mouse/keyboard for games like RTS or most ARPG's.

It's one of the reasons I got my computer right next to my HDTV. When I feel like It, I just flip the switch next to my desktop and then go to my tv and play on my couch.
InfectedDK  +   2004d ago
To everyone who still doesn't know:
The PS3 can play any game with mouse and keyboard..
You need an adaptor for the most of them..
But it is possible and it is also possible to make a game work with mouse and keyboard without an adapter too.. like UTIII..
Just plug and play USB like PC.
learte  +   2004d ago
"Making the game for controller would mean dumbing it down(something Blizzard has not done with its franchises)."

ever heard of starcraft 64???? but i can imagine a starcraft 2 port with the Move controler, im sure it would work. as for Diablo i do hope they bring it to consoles.
Letros  +   2004d ago
rofl StarCraft 64 is the exact example why Blizzard WON'T port anymore PC games to consoles.
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STONEY4  +   2004d ago
"ever heard of starcraft 64???? but i can imagine a starcraft 2 port with the Move controler, im sure it would work."

If they insanely slowed down the game. Since would be no way to implement things like hotkeys, shift queuing, micromanaging units (you need quick reflexes and perfect accuracy). Things like building units at your base using hotkeys while micromanaging units in a fight (pulling back injured ones before they die) and queuing units to preform their special attacks or focus firing targets, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. These are essential strategies of the game that would be impossible with move or a controller.
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Nihilism  +   2004d ago
THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had enough 'OMFG GOTY!!!' watered down multiplats to last me a lifetime.


The new graphical style is awesome suck it haters.
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Nihilism  +   2004d ago
wtf double post

I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them...Sam I am.
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GrieverSoul  +   2004d ago
Wrong reply. Sorry.
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Cold 2000  +   2004d ago
Its too bad for them. Valve and Bioware are having great sales on consoles.
Thrillhouse  +   2004d ago
Blizzard doesn't need console sales. WoW has them set for life.
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Thrillhouse  +   2004d ago
I don't care what anyone says, but the 8800gtx + conloles trolling combo is hilarious.
The real killer  +   2004d ago
Killzone 3 looks way more impressive than Diablo 3, Diablo 3 run easy on the PS3 hardware, the PS3 has power enough than you think.

Starcraft 2 run also easy on the PS3 hardware, remember the PS3 use a very new Cell-architecture.

The only problem is is that Blizzard has no single experience with PS3 architecture.

8800gtx + conloles are PC fanboys, yeah i love PC gaming and i know that PC has more power than any console, but i have also a PS3 and i see that the most PS3 exclusive like Killzone 2/3 and Uncharted 2 or GOW3 i never saw the gameplay or the the scale of the game on the PC yet.
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STONEY4  +   2004d ago
It's not about demanding graphics, even integrated laptop cards run Starcraft 2 at low. It's about the gameplay itself, it would be extremely dumbed down to the point where it wouldn't really be enjoyable. Both Diablo and Starcraft are very fast paced games that take full use of keyboard/mouse to keep up with the game speed. Controllers/move really wouldn't keep up.
xaviertooth  +   2004d ago
i played diablo 1 on ps1 and its great so what's your point?
Letros  +   2004d ago
Diablo 3, Torchlight II, Torchlight MMO, Darkspore, Grim Dawn, seems PC is king in another genre, ARPG.
bobcostus  +   2004d ago
Thank God. I don't want Diablo 3 dumbed down so it can be ported to 5 year old hardware.
GigaGaia  +   2004d ago
No offense, but the game isn't new graphic wise. Even 5 years old PC will be able to play it and it won't take a lot to play it on the highest settings.

If you can play SC2 on the ultra settings, you will be able to play D3 maxed.
Bereaver  +   2004d ago
I bet $50 that my 7 year old computer (the one in my closet) can run diablo 3 at least on the lowest settings.
ShiNe-Box-  +   2004d ago
The hardware being 5 years old is pretty irrelevant, since a lot of PC games (including Starcraft 2) are developed with DX9 in mind, more so than 10 & 11.
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ShiNe-Box-  +   2004d ago
Have fun selling 5 million less copies then.

The money to be made (on consoles) could allow Blizzard to pick and choose which games stay PC exclusive, but decisions like these ensure a console-centric future.
comp_ali  +   2004d ago
Blizzard have too much money to take your adice seriously.
Letros  +   2004d ago
Blizzard's SC2 and D3 do not make a fraction of the income which WoW brings each year, all other games are basically for fun, and programming for the cell is not fun.
Substance101  +   2004d ago
If they went consoles we would see Diablo 5 in the next 3 years. Cause thats how consoles work. Franchises get dumbed down, then they get milked.

As a gamer that is of no benefit to us. Look at all the generic FPS games on the market now, ever since FPS came to consoles. BC2 just got released and we already have MOH coming in, BF3 after it. Activision is doing the same with the COD series. Its called milking the market and destroying the franchises, really isnt of any benefit to the gamer since a game which lasts for long means it gets community support and a higher base of people playing it.
Nihilism  +   2004d ago

It's an isometric ARPG...console gamers only play shooters. Just look and C&C, supcom, sacred 2 how much did they sell on console's compared to PC.

You realise Diablo 1 and 2 were PC only aka anyone that has ACTUALLY PLAYED THEM. Will likely be older than your generation of gamers who are not allergic to PC, and these wise old guard gamers known which platform to buy it on.

Diablo 3 involves a lot of clicking and a hot bar...good luck trying to 'toggle' through your spells in the middle of a mob swarm...oh that's right, they dumb down the difficulty of all console games, as well as reduce the number of opponents on well as the sim speed of the maybe you would be able to pull it off.

Whisper your sweet ignorance in my ear, tell me again how Move is suited to RTS games, or how gampads are just as equipped for a game that requires hotkeys.

I think I just figured out why I come to this site...console gamers make me feel so much smarter lol ( and comparatively...I am justified )
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Nihilism  +   2004d ago
"who ARE allergic to PC"


I like my rants to be grammatically correct...
Sethian5  +   2002d ago
You should also make sure your facts are in order. Diablo 1 was released on the PS1 as well as pc :).
GWAVE  +   2004d ago
PC certainly does have a great deal of exclusives.
Letros  +   2004d ago
2011 is looking mighty fine for PC.
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jakethesnake  +   2004d ago
I like your optimism ;)
Elginer  +   2004d ago
They can keep it on PC and I'll play it there. For consoles Dungeon Siege III looks fantastic so whatever. Win Win for me all over.
Alos88  +   2004d ago
Your loss Blizzard, your loss. I'll buy it anyway, but I hope you don't regret losing the sales of those who won't/can't.
jack_burt0n  +   2004d ago
Look some blasphemy........ I would rather play a topdown ARPG by snowblind anyday.
mja12345   2004d ago | Spam
Drjft  +   2004d ago
Thank fucking god. This masterpiece is PC only.
Gran Touring  +   2004d ago
I can't wait
ATiElite  +   2004d ago
PC Elitist
Blizzard has ZERO love for consolers even though they started out on the Sega Genesis.

Diablo 3 is a PC game for PC gamers PERIOD.

Consolers only play teh shooterz (see Alan Wake sales)

Diablo 3 another 2 million units sold in 24 hrs.

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