Square Enix hints at new jobs in Wings of the Goddess

There's still no release date slated for Final Fantasy XI's new expansion, Wings of the Goddess, but early word from the Square Enix newsletter is that there will be new jobs available. As to how many and what they are, the devs are keeping it all under wraps for now.

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rosko4864063d ago

This was announced about a month ago if not longer.

cloud3604062d ago

they shouldnt have made it an online game. just antohrer whole new diffrent game for the ps2 with a story

Lanontscuz4062d ago

oh man its been awhile since i played this game...i miss it sometimes but i just dont have the time to play this kind of games anymore and if u have not played ff11 then its totaly different from WOW this one takes teamwork to actually to enjoy it fully