Haze devs talk about Miyamoto's reactions

In a talk with Free Radical Design, Kotaku was able to find out what developers Rob Yescombe and Derek Littlewood thought of Nintendo boss Shigeru Miyamoto's reaction to their Sony PlayStation 3 project Haze, along with some statements regarding the Wii game console.

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Douche4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

I don't find that if people are gonna approach it that way, that they should single Haze out. There are other games with injecting yourself involved such as BioShock, MGS4 (I'm refering to the drug he takes in the trailers shown which I guess keeps him alive), Killzone: Liberation. When I heard Free Radical call their drug Nectar, I was pretty amused. Although a little wierd, it is very clever.

ChickeyCantor4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

this is a duplicate, the only difference is that the same info is on a different page.

but then again i think shigi only stated his opinion but never disapproved it, heck even manhunt is wrong but you didn't see him protest to it, the only thing protesting was the policy of Nintendo as a company.

come on people he loves mushrooms!

MastaGT4062d ago

seems like their trying to spoon feed us this game...kinda like a kid not wanting to be left out of the big man's game...well haze SUCK IT...your not going to earn respect, your game sucks, it's a lame fps

Amplifier4062d ago

Off-topic - Sounds like someone is horribly jealous that this game is lead platform and exclusive to Playstation 3 for an unspecified timeframe.

On-topic - Personally I strongly disagree with Miyamoto's reaction, I feel that he's looking at this with "glass half empty" perspective.
Only focusing on the small part of the bigger picture of what this game brings to the FPS genre.

It's a shame when someone so well respected picks out a game that he barely knows anything about and attacks it like as if it affects the industry detrimentally.

Just my two cents...keep the change!

Rattles4062d ago


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