New 360 power brick plugs

The VideoGamingreport reports on new Xbox 360 power brick plugs.

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bung tickler4146d ago

personally i think they need to get rid of the damn power brick, or at least make it smaller... but what do i know.

WafflesID4146d ago

yeah, nevermind that even the WII has an external power brick.

Pick one, External power supply or large console size.

KeMoBLUE4146d ago

it doesn't overheat and shut down every five seconds like the 360. but to answer your question.....larger console. atleast the components in my ps3 can actually breathe

gta_cb4144d ago

what are you on about? every five seconds, i have left my Xbox 360 on for over 30hours straight, i havnt got one with the new heatsink, and i have had no problems with it. infact i am also on my first SKU no problems since i brought it. just because you read "news" it doesnt mean you know what your on about.

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Eagle Eye4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

Hmmm Well they could of built a power source inside I guess. But its already having heat problems. ( None that I never had mine you, over heating that is )

So maybe MS is better of to keep the brick, for now anyways.
Lets see how the 360's with all the new parts fair?

BIadestarX4146d ago

Sony fanboys will come here.. and scream... "All the people that buy a 360 got screwed!"... hehe.

marionz4146d ago

yeah but let them say what they want, i agree it sucks for those who feel screwed, i havnt had a problem yet and my console seems to work great but i want one with the smaller chips
i dont care bout the power brick, it sits behind the tv so who cares?
all that matters is the games, and if my 360 dies guess what...ill get a new one end of story
if the ps3 was half as powerfull as the 360 maybe it would generate some heat too JK

beavis4play4145d ago

i don't know if they got screwed. but,why is ms putting out new sku's and changing the hardware around every few days. makes one wonder what the he11 they are doing. and some of the stuff they are changing(adding HDMI) contradicts what they said when they launched the 360.(they said HDMI was a waste and that it wasn't necessary)

gta_cb4144d ago

i believe all consoles have stuff added, just think back to the PS2, didnt they release tons of PS2s without an ethernet port? then when XboxLIVE kicked off all of a sudden there was one added? they change bits of hardware to make the product more efficient and better.

mikeslemonade4146d ago

All the people that buy a 360 got screwed!

Cook1eMan4146d ago

So i'm guessing that you own a PS3 or a Wii right? Why dont you think about who really got screwed here, the wii has crappy graphics and the PS3 is a hunk of sh1t that forces people to buy next generation things even if they're not ready for it. Also PS3 has nothing on the 360; they have killzone 2, but everything else is kind of crap. Go away Fanboy

WafflesID4146d ago

I'm thinking you guys missed the humor in post #4.

Go read post #3

And lighten up people :)

djt234146d ago

he is try to say that xbox 360 have so many problem and user just feel screwed!
you dont have to act like fanboy people xbox 360 have problems and you know it.

WafflesID4146d ago

Uhm, nobody said anything like that.

Once again...Go figure out the difference between an obvious joke and a REAL fanboy post.

beavis4play4145d ago

let me get this straight. MGS4, final fantasy, ratchet and clank, socom, and gran turismo are crap? uh, yea, you keep thinking that while you play kameo. and ms is adding to the 360. stuff(hdmi) that you say is worthless.

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Cook1eMan4146d ago

I just got another Xbox 360 today. It was manufactured almost a year ago and it has the new power brick and cable. The brick doesnt have the buttons on it and the power cable between the wall and the power brick no longer has a grounding prode. I guess they took the ground out so people can plug them into surge protectors without bricking this time.

gta_cb4144d ago

i brought mine in October 2006, and have ALWAYS had it plugged into a surge protector and guess what.... no problems what so ever... so i guess i will have to disagree with you

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