[Rumor Mill] - Xbox360 with built in HD-DVD player built in coming next year

Proelite from Neogaf is reporting that he has been told by his Local Gamestop store that Microsoft will introduced a brand new SKU with a built in HD-DVD next year.

Microsoft has already told gamers that they have no plans of supporting blu-ray and to prove their point, they recently dropped the price of the HD-DVD add on for the Xbox 360 which saw 1000% boost on since the price dropped.

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Lord Anubis3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Hopefully this time around they support HDMI 1.3a and allow for Dolby's True HD or DTS HD Master. It would be too much to ask them for uncompressed LPMC and perhaps tasking for the X360. If none of those are included on the SKU it would be worthless to those that want to enjoy the HD DVD movies.

Ah, also support for "true color" or as it is called x.v.color. The PlayStation 3 supports them all, it was disheartening to hear the Elite supported none.


hey lad. X.v.Color will be available in the latest televisions. Its supported on the new Sony receivers, Televisions and camcorders.It is a Standard in High Defintion. Simply because there aren't that many televisions and other devices with support for the standard in the market right now it doesn't mean it should be excluded. Other wise Microsoft would continue to make the same mistakes.

ITR3997d ago

x.v. color isn't a issue unless your tv supports it.
So unless you own a new Sony or Mitsubishi you probably don't have it.
I sold a Bravia and a MITS that supported x.v color today.

If you want to see colors go check out the new Super Clear Panel 52" Samsung's.
The image is so clear and defined the actors look almost 3D from the background.

Maddens Raiders3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

-- "x.v. color isn't a issue unless your tv supports it.
So unless you own a new Sony or Mitsubishi you probably don't have it.
I sold a Bravia and a MITS that supported x.v color today." --

My Mitsu and Bravia do...and the colors and pictures on these sets look SPECTACULAR.
============================= ============================== = ====

[Rumor Mill] XBox launches next sku in 2Q 2008. CodeNamed: PlayStation3X o_O

nasim3997d ago

the useless HDDVD addon will only play MOVIES and not games.

HD DVD will be dead by this year.

HD DVD is the inferior format too.

x360 would contain just HDMI 1.2 old port unlike the HDMI 1.3 supported by all ps3s.

i feel sorry for x360 owners who are ripped off on constant basis by this defective console

Eclipticus3996d ago

first, the only ones saying officially that blu-ray won the format war is the sony/blur-ray camp. so thats doenst really mean anything.
HD is going strong in Europe. and picking up momentum in US.
US isnt the only market in the world.
second, for all you that say HD is the inferior format... let me remind you or let you young ones know, that VHS was the inferior format.

MADGameR3996d ago

I bet MS regrets not having a built in HD-DVD Drive in the 360. PS3 has built in Blu Ray and a lot of people thought it was a bad idea. MS WANTED you to think that the 360 was less when infact for the 360 to have all that PS3 has it would cost MORE than the PS3. MS looks pathetic now.

MJY2K3996d ago

VHS wasn't totally inferior to Betamax. Betamax looked better but VHS could record for longer, that's one of the reasons why it won in the end.

The quality difference between Blu-ray and HD DVD isn't really massive but Blu-ray disks have a greater capacity which could help the format win when Blu-ray recorders become available and the consumers know that it has a greater capacity.

Vertius3996d ago

I don't know where all this false information about HD-DVD doing well in Europe came from, but, I can tell you, as an EU citizen, that HD-DVD has no such foothold in the European Union. There is but one company that sell HD-DVDs in Ireland, and they have a much larger Blu-Ray selection. The only country where there is any question of Blu-Ray superiority is the U.S., and it's gaining ground with every day.

I do agree with one thing you said, however, and that is that the U.S. isn't the only market in the world. You'll find that most people ignore that logic, a'la the Xbox 360.

gta_cb3995d ago

... haha, they know nothing, infact we are more likely to know from this website and when we know they still wont know. they dont get told hardly anything.

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the greatest3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

how many time are they going 2
try 2 sell people the same console
mircosoft are sharks

killercam193997d ago

no u don't if that was to happen they wouldn't make their new games hd dvd discs only cus then they would lose their 10million consumers that already bought the old system in turn it would lead them to selling less games which leads them to losing more money so wat u said makes no sense

Lord Anubis3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

How dare you! you obviously never bought a windows operating system.
Lets see, there's the home edition, there's the professional edition, and there's the Business edition. I feel like I'm missing one....

Just kidding you lad.

Panthers3997d ago

Xbots should be used to it by now. First elite model, then the Halo version, now HDMI on the Premium, later they will have ones with cooler chips. Then the HDDVD combo. Did I miss any?

Ri0tSquad3997d ago

The guys at Sony must be laughing there asses of watching M$ make all these useless SKUs. I hope its not true.

Omegasyde3997d ago

Its fake, MS wouldn't take that big of a Risk going with a doomed format. HDDVD is on its last string... It won't last past 2007. 2008 Q2 no blue ray add-on, but you will be able to d/l every new movie for a cost through XBL.

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reaferfore203997d ago

Whats wrong with having a game be on more than one DVD? I don't own a Xbox or anything but I don't think it would be that big of a deal to play a game with more than one disc..(Final Fantasy VIII anyone?)

DrPirate3997d ago

Stop using Playstation 1 games as an example.

It's the bloody past.

People found it annoying then, they find it annoying now.

Don't you dare give me that "Sony Fans" are lazy rebuttal, newsflash: Getting up in the middle of a game, taking 1 minute to change a disk IS NOT exercise. It's just bloody annoying.

Rockstar3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Amen to that!

The big issue is also the level of immersion.
Getting up to change a disc will take you out of the game and a big part of "Next Gen" hardware/software is immersion.

Anything that takes you out of the game/experience are those things that the devs are trying to eliminate.

I.E. Changing a disc 2 or 3 times or getting rid of the HUD on a FPS...
Anything to improve the experience and totally immerse you in the game.

Bubble for you sir.

Omegasyde3997d ago

So I missplace or scratch a disk , would be fudged? Granted multi disc ain't bad for RPG's, but a FPS? THat reminds of that one game for the ps1 where the Boss fight was the on the last CD...What was it again?

O yea its was against Sepiroth. 1 boss battle + a FMV on 1 cd? Imagine doing a whole level of Halo4 on 1 dvd... It would be repetive and I would probally lose a cd and waste 10 minutes of time getting it. It would take me out of the mood of playing the game as well.

DeadIIIRed3996d ago

But wouldn't the increased amount of DVD disks end up costing the publisher some more money. That and who would want to change a disk in a game like (I'm only using this game as an example. Don't assume that I believe that this game will actually be like this for the 360 or PS3) Grand Theft Auto going from one side to the other?

reaferfore203996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

If you had one disc to install on the hdd and another disc to use while you play would that be so horrible? And on ff7 there was a whole lotta stuff you could do on disc three instead of fighting the bosses. Anyone ever breed a golden chocobo? I didn't but my gameshark sure as hell did :D

Oh wait... I forgot about the core. That sucks. What a dumb idea.

sak5003996d ago

"The big issue is also the level of immersion.
Getting up to change a disc will take you out of the game and a big part of "Next Gen" hardware/software is immersion"

I'd rather get up and change the disc than not have rumble in my controller.

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TriggerHappy3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

you are rerporting the story as a forum post ..what is this ? ..and who helped it get on the FP ?

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TnS3997d ago

"You can also link to forum posts if the post is made by a developer or other industry professionals."

And we know that NoUseMerc is from PSU.

Omegasyde3997d ago

Merc, this guy is a "no name", just like you and me. So if I post on Neogaf and show a photoshopped picture of bioshock on the ps3...

Would you post that as news?

Exactly TnS for the win, sorry Merc.

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killercam193997d ago

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