PCZONE Mag Gives Bioshock 96%

The latest BioShock review is from PCZONE magazine. "BioShock is an expertly crafted game in every respect, a truly worthy successor to what's considered one of the PC's greatest games, and a game that, PCZONE feel, will be a milestone in PC gaming.

Never has the medium been used as a storytelling device in such a beautiful and engaging way, and never have PCZONE been drawn so deeply into a gameworld. Long live Rapture".

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TriggerHappy3970d ago

So far all the reviews for this game has managed to be over 90%, still waiting to see the game that gets these great reviews this year.

Mass Effect maybe ?

Too Human ?

Heavenly Sword?


MK_Red3970d ago

Agree with Bioshock and Mass Effect for GOTY but I think other canditates should be Rock Band, Call Of Duty 4 and Super Mario Galaxy. Plus Assassin's Creed, Heavenly Sword and Halo 3.

TheBeginningOfTheEnd3970d ago

this game+halo 3= goodbye social life.

nasim3970d ago

dont bring up cartoon halo 3 against Bioshock.

they reviewed the PC version on a much more powerful 8800GTX .

x360 version would obviously get lower scores.

HS,RATCHET and CLANK,UNCHARTED and LAIR are all contenders for GOTW.

Mass effect already got a 6/10 from one site and dont bring up
cartoon HALO 3


frostbite063970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

i dare you to give me a website/link with a 6/10 review for mass effect.
Oh yah, and please stop talking out of your ass)

BLACKJACK VII3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

****************************** *************


Three Exclusive AAA Titles for Xbox 360 before Xmas.


gogators3970d ago

2.1's presence on these boards beyond just hitting the ignore function?

darkequitus3970d ago

You call H3 a cartoon then bring up R&C in the same breath.

I wish your mother wasn't such a w88re and used contraception hat fatefull night.

I hope you are sterile so tereare nomore like you.

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TheMART3970d ago

Hell yeah... Just get it in stores right now. After the racing madness with Forza 2 and Dirt I am all ready for this baby!

Come to daddy, big daddy and his 360

power of Green 3970d ago

None of those games you listed besides Mass Effect will be close. lol Too Human is a 2008 game.

Mass Effect will probably win it by a hair.

Your PS3 fanboy side is showing with those games you listed; its a first! thats for sure(games mentioned for Goty).

Tabasco3970d ago

Kinda like how your 360 fanboy side is always showing :0

power of Green 3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

My side is based on logic and reason vs his passion and emotion kind of like your reply.


I'm glad you have Edit you post below I said nothing about PS3 side as a hole. All my comments/opinions are based off of Comments or news post history not what people say.

Its not great mystery you base your opinions off of the most hyped games, the most talked about games, the most wanted games, when these games are turning reviewers into gitty little girls you tend not vote a hack and slash game over next-gen hybrid games or a Rat simply running around blasting stuff.

Tabasco3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Logic and reason tells you that Ratchet, and HS will not be good. SH!T dude you gotta tell me where to get some of that.

Add on: stop talking down to me like I'm 12 year old gamer. I know why i like games and how I judge them. Your being Ignorant thinking both of those games will be unpleasing. If you tell yourself that who's the real Fanboy here?

heroman7113970d ago

so your a fanboy even if you mention a ps3 game. your on crack

Tabasco3970d ago

And to think I thought arguing with POW was pointless.

ON topic: This game= greatest of all time

Ri0tSquad3970d ago

Yeah it should be a good game but I wont be enjoying it until I get a working xbox 360 in my hands again.

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DrPirate3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Nah, Ratchet and Clank isn't really game of the year material, although that doesn't mean it's terrible or not epic, but you understand.

Heavenly Sword has the production values to be a game of the year, but trends prove that this award is typically dealt to shooters (game with the biggest appeal, innovations in their genre, immersive experience). It's not impossbile, but I doubt Heavenly Sword will appeal to gamer in a way that games like Halo, Bioshock, Haze, and Killzone will upon their release.

Bioshock possibly, but it may be too niche. System Shock, Deus Ex type, you know what I mean? Even though Deus Ex was at one point, Game of the Year, does it represent a new standard in first person science fiction story telling?

Up there, Mass Effect is, in my opinion, up for game of the year, it carries alot more mass appeal then Bioshock, even though it may score slightly lower, Mass Effect's storyline and innovations in the Sci-Fi RPG make it a winner.

Edit:4.2: Ratchet isn't a rat, he's a wombax, and secondly, don't diss on Ratchet and Clank. There's more actual gameplay in that series then there is in nearly the entire library of X-Box titles.