HDMI Enabled Xbox 360 Exposed

NeoGAF'er Wonderkins decided to take one for the team, and cracked open his brand new HDMI-enabled Xbox 360 Premium. As expected, these new 360s still have the old Zephyr boards and as such do not include a 65nm CPU. The new model does, however, include the quieter BenQ drive and improved GPU heatsink.

Xbox 360 units with 65nm chips are expected to hit retail soon, so if you're in the market for a new 360 it may be wise to wait just a bit longer.

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KeMoBLUE4060d ago

they release the HDMI enabled 360s so longer after most have alreay bought one. man id feel so screwed over if i had an HDTV with a regular non-HDMI 360. sure component is good but it doesn't deliver uncompressed digital audio which HDMI and the picture is much cleaner. also not all 1080p HDTVs accept 1080p through component just HDMI

Close_Second4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Ever consider that most HDMI capable sets only have one HDMI input? The one on my set is reserved for my dedicated DVD player not my 360 so to me, even if I had the HDMI 360 I still wouldn't use the HDMI output.

Things change and hopefully for the better. I remember when the slimline PS2 came out with integrated infra-red for use with the remote. How many people were pissed about that? How many purchased another PS2 just to get the smaller SKU? Same thing happened with the PSOne...and the PSP. Oh yeah, you think in 3 to 4 years time the PS3 will still look the same?

If existing 360 owners want the new HDMI 360 then they will probably get it. Me, I don't care. All this bullshit about HDMI being better than component is just that. Sure, HDMI delivers better picture but the difference is not enough for all the crap that people keep bleating. Lack of HDMI sure as hell does not detract from the games I play.

I wish all the propeller heads that get off on specifications would just f**k off and get back to playing games instead of talking about how the colour is slightly more intense, blah, blah, blah. Maybe they should just get laid and then all this bullshit will be just that to them as well...

omansteveo4059d ago

Its Sound Dude...Sound as long as i can here it thats all that matters

s8anicslayer4060d ago

tell me about it, i just don't understand why the said a hdmi port was not neccessery in the begining and now have all of us hd gamers pissed off we dont have an hdmi port

gta_cb4058d ago

im not pissed, yeh it would be good to have one, but im still not pissed.

MattFoley4060d ago

Im guessing the 65s will be in the Halo edition and the newer elites before they are put into premiums.

madness4060d ago

They might need Halo to boost sales to get rid of the old 90nm chips!

tehcellownu4060d ago

11 milliion 360 owners screwed!!

Lacarious4060d ago

M$ suxors.... on my 7th

jmoneezie4060d ago

Man, can you guys please stop frickin whining about every single little thing that doesn't go your way. Had they released it with HDMI, in a couple of months you'd be B!tchin' about how you got screwed because you didn't get the 65mm chip.

There is enough, fighting going on when XBOX FAN and PS3 FAN get into it, do we need to complain ALL the time around here?

djt234060d ago

it 10.32 milliion 360 owners screwed

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The story is too old to be commented.