Early First-Person Shooter Demo for the Wii Browser

A developer currently working on a FPS shooter for wii which can be playable on the opera browser.

"Geekrecon has been hard at work adding more graphical functionality to the Wii Opera SDK, and thought he'd create a demo to showcase some new changes. The result is a simple FPS demo engine (well FP minus the S). It works on the Wii using the Wii Remote for forward and backward motion and turning to look. It also works on basically any non IE browser but without controls (automovement instead)."

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Maddens Raiders3992d ago

looks like Doom on my old Packard-Bell. =P

ChickeyCantor3992d ago

Doom was( and to me still one of hardest FPS on nightmare ever!) cool and you know it >=(

but i like the idea, although nunchuck would be more then welcome.

machine3992d ago

this could be the first baby step in a whole, entirely new direction for the online functionality of the wii (via internet, non Nintendo orientated. it will be interesting if anything becomes of this...