Behold the Guitar Hero III: Legend of Rock Wii bundle

Wii owners itching to start shredding on their Wiimotes to the timeless tunes of Slash, Gene Simmons - and dare Qj suggest, to the insane wailings of Dragonforce - here's some very good news that's sure to get you busting out your air guitars in a stadium-rocking solo: the first packshot of the Guitar Hero III: Legend of Rock bundle for the Wii!

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alexander22rednaxela4026d ago

Sounds great, strange of rock band not to release on the wii and ps2.

unsunghero284026d ago

Actually, late release of Rock Band for the Wii.

Bloodshedder4026d ago

news abouth the Wii here?

s8anicslayer4026d ago

good news for wii owners, game is fitting for the wii!

MK_Red4026d ago

This is a game that doesn't use Wiimote, graphically is like PS2 on Wii and costs $10 more on Wii. Why should anyone go for the Wii version?

ItsDubC4024d ago

Um, the article clearly states:

"The Guitar Hero III: Legend of Rock (also available on PS3 and Xbox 360) bundle for the Wii will be wailing into US shores on October 21, at the paltry sum of US$ 89.99 each."

djt234026d ago

really good news for wii owners and me too

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