R:FoM Lighting Creation on PS3

A developer who worked on Resistance: Fall of man explains how the game was made on the PS3 including the steps involved in it.

"He started working on pre-production of R:FoM at some point in 2004. When he originally started, he was working with a couple of the programmers to develop what would later become the tool for creating our special effects. The developer also did a boatload of video captures from movies, TV and the interweb to build a huge effects reference library, with everything from explosions, squibs, shattering glass, smoke effects, fire, you name it."

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drunkpandas4057d ago

Lots of rollovers images = good idea. This continues to be one of the better looking games on the PS3

TriggerHappy4057d ago

I really enjoyed reading this, hope ya all do too..:)

Violater4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

is a pretty fun game, but honestly, I'm sick to death of playing it.
We need some new games.

Tru_Blu4056d ago

LOL, I'm one of the new PS3 owners, after the price cut. I'm lovin this game. Guess after a few months it would get old, but madden and nhl are right over the horizon. btw I own a 360 and won't pay that rape charge for online play, had I known that I wouldn't have bought it. Anyway so finally I get to play madden online, who cares about frame rates? My eyes still only do 24, as long as the game play is smooth.

BluHavik, on the PSN if anyone is willing to get schooled

Mallard5000 on 360 If ya doubted I had a 360, now defunked

alexander22rednaxela4057d ago

Nice to know how things come together. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.