Why Disney Chose Blu-ray Over HD DVD

But is Blu-ray winning the battle?

Gordon Ho Executive Vice President (worldwide marketing & product management) for Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Disney). Had this to say.

"We believe so and have put our support with Blu-ray at this time and that's because largely it has the better specifications. It can deliver a better picture because of the bit rate, beyond the fact that the disc has more capacity. So there's two different discs - Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Blu-ray, the dual layer, holds 50 gigabytes of data. The dual layer HD-DVD holds 30. So when you want the best picture, would you rather have 50 gigabytes of information or 30"?

"So we found this meant Blu-ray had the room for the best picture and sound. The other thing it has is what we call a peak bit rate. What this is is how much data can you send over a pipe in a given second. Blu-ray can send 40Gb of information per second. HD-DVD can only do 29. So when you have an action scene and you have all this information on the screen - you've got fire, you've got people running about - you need to use so much bit rate. You have all this stuff happening and you suddenly need all this information to be sent through. Blu-ray has less limitations, so that's another benefit. It has space and it has space in the pipes".

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drunkpandas4060d ago

Maybe the fact that the largest rental store in the US went Blu-Ray exclusive had something to do with this decision?

(I'm not sure which happened first. If I'm wrong, I apologize).

Expy4060d ago

Disney was exclusive to Blu-Ray well before Blockbuster went.

blackmagic4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Blockbuster is far from Blu-Ray exclusive. Approx. 1,700 locations only stock Blu-Ray for rental (they still sell HD-DVDs) but there are well over 5,000 locations which means well over 3,000 locations are still stocking both for rental (including my local blockbuster) plus anyone, anywhere can still rent HD-DVDs (or Blu-Rays) through their online service.

Edit: *GROAN* I just read the rest of the comments on here. It's devastatingly painful listening to people pledge allegance to a format based solely on their preference of console. Purposeful misinformation overload!

Note to all: When you buy your player that ONLY plays bluray or ONLY plays HD-DVD and cheap dual format players are flooding the market are you just going to pretend that all the movies you are missing out on are just crap?! Take notice that this is exactly what happens to console fanboys!

Does anybody here know someone that has a DVD player that reads DVD+R AND DVD-R even though they are competing formats? How about a dvd player that plays AAC and WMA music files even though they are competing audio formats? how about a player that plays DVD AND VCD? Yup, competing formats again. As a matter of fact, ALL of those competing formats play in most modern dvd players which also play publicly available formats such as divx and ogg vorbis to boot.
All this can be purchased for less than $100 and you all have no idea!

Fighter4060d ago

Fox and Disney chose Blu-ray for the extra storage but primarily for the extra layer of security on a blu-ray disc called BD+ that HD-DVD will never offer.

Fox will only support Blu-ray because of the BD+ feature so don't expect them to make movies for HD-DVD.

TheMART4060d ago

Didn't Disney also choose MS marketplace exclusively for distribution digital?

So no need for HD-DVD or BetaBluRay :P

DEADEND4060d ago

LOL your seriously a 360fanboy, plus its really doesn't make sense what you just said because not everyone will buy a 360 so by them choosing BLU-RAY they're really helping SONY out.

Lord Anubis4060d ago

Yes, I also love who the movies offered in the market place have LPMC. :|

schabeugen044060d ago

they are not exclusive to 360 marketplace. they are just signed on for it.

Real Gambler4060d ago

Microsoft has nothing to care about hddvd. They just want digital distribution because Bill Gates has millions of shares in cable company, internet provider and backbone. So basically, it's only up to Universal. What the heck to they see in hddvd?????

Come to the blu side Universal, come to the blu side, I'm your father : )

heroman7114059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

umm .. ok you didnt have to bring microsoft in this since aint has nothing to do wit this

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