Madden's Most Wanted

Gamespot: Look alive, rookies! You may think you've played Madden before. Heck, you may even think you played well. But if you want to stand a turkey's chance on Thanksgiving, you better listen and listen good, because Madden NFL 08 is loaded…with weapons.

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drunkpandas3993d ago

Between the weapons and the hit stick 2.0, I think this is the most innovative Madden game in years.

Lacarious3993d ago

Madden is always a different innovative game every year........ hopefully this year they make the blind followers happy.

DiLeCtioN3993d ago

no disrespect but ill pass on this game...i like the other football/soccer

Rooftrellen3992d ago

Seems like a good year to upgrade for a new system, or even an old system considering it's comming out for almost every console ever made (I think they may have thought about including the Odyssey).

Seriously, though, it looks like it could be good. I just hope the smart players have a chance to misread the play. After all, the simple fact that the Colts don't score on every play shows that Manning can't read EVERY defense EVERY time.

I hope the "reciever" bonuses don't apply to JUST recivers, as well. After all, some of the best catches come from tight ends. Were any Ravens fans crying last year after Dallas Clark made the one handed catch between two Ravens (and therefore, two of the best) defenders, rolling on the ground, and keeping that one hand in the air to show possession.

In fact, thinking of it, these could make the game very unbalanced depending on how they decide to give what weapon to what player. If its on the basis of the actual player, the Bears, Ravens and Colts are totally stacked, with defense or offense having all of the weapons on the field. If its more by making the teams equal, some Raiders and Lions will be getting undeserved weapons, while, again, the Bears, Ravens and Colts will be missing a lot of weapons they should have by the players on the team.

It looks like each player can have more than one weapon, as well. Marvin Harrison is shown as the example for a hands reciver, but he's also mentioned for the possession reciver weapon as well. That could make some corners very dangerous, as there are a few I could think of worthy of both the lockdown corner and big hitter weapon catagorization.