GC2010: Resistance 3 Confirmed By Insomniac

Ironstar: Insomniac has had gamers on edge during the past few months for a variety of reasons including, the next Resistance title, their partnership with EA (multiplatform title),...

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Nitrowolf22954d ago

we all saw this coming
this gamescom is fn awesome

sunnygrg2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Time to bring out your Wraith and Carbines

The storyline is going to be tricky if you know what I am talking about ;)

Cannot wait for the co-op too.

[EDIT] Damn N4g has a lot of traffic today. Sony Conference much?

FangBlade2954d ago

Mass Effect 2 - Megaton
New R&C - Gigaton
Resistance 3 - TERATON!

NYPunkster2954d ago

forgot KZ3 jetpacks and vehicles in MP . :D

blasian2954d ago

True but what is above a teraton announcement? o.o

badz1492954d ago

I think Resistance is going away from Nathan Hale and more towrds L4D is u get what I mean! but seriously, I wanna know what happen with Hale after THAT ending in R2!

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SaberEdge2954d ago

Dang, how do these articles get posted that fast? Anyway, definitely awesome news.

Lifendz2954d ago

I was almost afraid Insomniac was going to cancel it. Can't wait to see what the game looks like and what new features they've added. Oh man...EFFING RESISTANCE 3!!!!!! I loved part 2 even though it feels like most of you hated it. Resistance, Mass Effect 2, and all those Sony exclusives...PS3 FTMFW!

Ravage272954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

edit: double post~

Ravage272954d ago

i love you insomniac!

This + R&C: All-4-one made my day :)

Pennywise2954d ago

When is it releasing? This is more exciting than the rest of announcements and they were ALL exciting!

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farhsa20082954d ago

Woohooo, finally get to find out what happened to Hale and kick some chimera ass!!

theEnemy2954d ago

pretty hard to load pages at the moment.


Sony had the best Gamescom Conference.

M4I0N32954d ago

I agree, but we could've done with some live footage :/

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The story is too old to be commented.