PSM3 Reviews Manhunt 2: 8/10

UK Games magazine has published their Manhunt 2 review. The reivew is pretty much all positive except gun play, which they seem to favour stealth killing [I prefered stealth kills in the original too]. They rewarded the Playtation 2 build a 8/10, so it's another positive review for Manhunt but it will be a while before other gamers will be able to play it Anyways, here's a better summary below

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alexander22rednaxela3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

I doesn't really matter considering the retail version will be very different when the gore and sadism is gone.

The raters said that the game was INHERENTLY sadistic and offered NO alternative ways of experiencing the game.

PlayStation3603995d ago

I don't think the retail version will be that much different. Sure it won't have the necrophilia, rape, etc. But I'm sure the blood and gore will still be in. If the game's gonna get edited (hopefully not), I'm sure M2 is gonna get no less than an M rating.

MK_Red3995d ago

There must be a reason behind all the good reviews (That Nintendo mag gave it 9, a non-violent Nintendo magazine!) and when the game is censored most of what made the game so unique and high score worthy would be gone and this makes me mad as hell that we might never see Rockstar's original masterpiece.

jay33995d ago

the MPAA and stuff are attacking this game is because there's no motive.

They don't care about how much gore there is in a game, it's just that in Manhunt, is killing just for the sake of killing, with no reason for it. Killing because it looks cool, they don't like that.

Anything but Cute3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Rockstar's best effort outside of GTA is Manhunt. The original was one of my favorite games last gen, and it was getting reviews of 2/10 and 5/10. That was bullcrap, I was disappointed when the sequel only went to PS2 and Wii. I felt it deserved a true next gen sequel.

Now people are starting to see, this a pretty good game franchise, at the time of the original it got a bad rap, not sure why.

drunkpandas3995d ago

I loved the first one, and was really hoping Manhunt 2 would have made it's way to the 360 and PS3. At least we'll be able to play the PS2 version in upscaled 1080p on the PS3.

Shaka2K63995d ago

Good game, its rated M.

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