Newest Logitech G-series gaming mouse review : G9

it's one of the best gaming products for PC gamers . ( PS3 gamers can use all usb mouse and keyboards for Unreal Tournament 3 and other functions as well )

"Last week Logitech announced its newest G-series gaming mouse, the G9 Laser Mouse. The new peripheral is designed to take mouse customization to a new level with two inter-changeable grips. Logitech had the G9 available for private viewings during E3 2007 last month, and I had a chance to play around with the new mouse, which is...."

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Cartesian3D3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )
good luck..

I have razer copperhead.. I will buy it if I see good reviews from my Progamer friends..

Cartesian3D3779d ago

I fixed those problems.. my bad!

Im stupid in writing and I want to be a contributor ... funny

anyway sorry , approve it if u want :)

timmyp533779d ago

but i bet it handles very good.

Bolts3779d ago

I'm concerned about the changeable grip. If it doesn't fit perfectly tight or if it isn't shaped correct the mouse is going to feel pretty weird. One thing I love about my MX is how it feel perfectly smooth and there isn't any gap between the mouse and the two main buttons.

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The story is too old to be commented.