PSU Official Explains Sony/Rockstar Rumour

Justin Pinter, a PSU official, gives a full detailed account on the events that led up to the "rumour" that was posted on the site regarding Sony's supposed new relationship with Rockstar.

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TnS3995d ago

Nice find, Meus Interpretation.

Meus Renaissance3995d ago

It's interesting, I get the distinct impression that someone spilled the rumour too early. That isn't to say to this rumour is true, but if anything, I won't be surprised if in 5 months time we hear more about this.

Douche3995d ago

What do you guys think of this? I went to the link expecting what usually happens when rumors go out...Debunkage. I'm not gonna say anything else 'cause I know if I express how I felt after reading this, I'll regret it when certain someones come around to disagree and take bubbles away...*Cough*...xbots.

Meus Renaissance3995d ago

They took it off their website because of the weight of this rumour would have needed some kind of reliable source or information. Instead, all they had was someone they met during the conference who said it was true.

He gave no evidence, and so the PSU journalists discussed this amongst themselves, just speculating whether or not it is true and it's impact. They wake up, and to their surprise, one of them posted it on the site WITHOUT permission.

But because they took it down, it doesn't mean its not true. But only they have no proof. At the same time, it does not mean it is true.

Douche3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Nice find btw. I read the whole thing so I know that it really isn't confirmed or anything. But it is good to know that this rumor is still fresh. I'm sure we'll hear something from someone over this matter very soon. Whether it is an attempt to debunk it again or news from high up. Although, I don't think they will be allowed to confirm this any time soon for Microsoft's sake.

Mu5afir3994d ago

I like how both of the above post 2.1 and 2.2 "confirmed" that a rumor isn't:

A) Reliable
B) Isn't a fact
C) Confirmed
D) Doesn't have much evidence to back it up.

Now, if they realized what a rumor was, I wouldn't have to waste my time reading these responses. >_< So, please remember the "obvious" clause of article where it clearly states it's a "rumor".

AznSniper3995d ago

I guess the rumor could be possibly true.

timmyp533995d ago

he let it slip to his staff. But its still unlikely.

alexander22rednaxela3995d ago

Rockstar is under the wings of Take-Two, and why would they want to end that relationship? And PS3 don`t need Rockstars battles with Jack Thompson and bannings, sadism, delays, and the other bad press about Rockstar.

ShAkKa3995d ago

The thing is that Take2 is having lots of problems financially so a move of RockStar to Sony isn`t that crazy because the games that they make are often blockbusters and need a lot of money to develop this doesn`t mean Sony will buy RockStar,what they could do is publish their games while giving them the financial resoulces(money)for game development much like they do with Insomniac and if then they(RockStar)want to sale,sony just buy them like they did with naughty Dog or Guerilla.

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The story is too old to be commented.