Blu-Ray Players Outpacing Supply

Some consumer electronics retailers see the sales gap closing between set-top HD DVD players and Blu-ray Disc players as the two formats have come closer in price.

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drtysouf214022d ago

are now catching up and maybe selling better then Stand Alone HD DVD players. Hmmmm wonder how the HD DVD camp will spin this one.

cdzie14022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

HD DVD players are still selling better than standalone Blu-ray players. "Some consumer electronics retailers" the keyword being "some". The two retailers in question are relatively small.

Just look on Amazon, there are usually 2 or 3 HD DVD players before the first standalone player.

Did standalone Blu-ray player sales improved when they dropped the price to $500 and copied HD DVD's successful 5 free movie promotion? Of course they did. But HD DVD players are still outselling Blu-ray.

Standalone Blu-ray players (like the BDP-S300) will be out of spec come November and will not be able to play all of the features in upcoming movies. It's a shame that Sony is ripping people off this way.

xfrgtr4022d ago

Sony bdps300 is out of stock on amazon and they dont have all the bluray players,HDDVD IS DEAD

Xbox 360 Will4022d ago

LOL. The Spinning has begun. You would be a great Wheel of Fortune contestant. The point is this trend is starting to pick up regardless of HD DVD's lower standalone price. It goes to show that price is not the key factor in this format war. It will only be a matter of time before Blu-ray standalones are selling better everywhere.

trane074022d ago

You sure do sound like a true MS/360/hd-dvd fan. You weren't the boy with the magic marker were you?

D_U_I4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

cdzie1..... your funny.... desparate but funny. LOL Look at the bloody numbers, HD DVD is on life surport.

Nielsen Numbers 8/05:This is for the desperate hddvd fanboys:
Week 8/05: BD 62, HD 38 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 7/29: BD 66, HD 34 YTD: BD 66, HD 34 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 7/22: BD 74, HD 26 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 7/15: BD 61, HD 39 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 7/08: BD 66, HD 34 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40

cuco334022d ago

HA! you sony trolls are too funny sometimes. i'm neutral and want only 1 format to be succesful but i have a BIG feeling it won't happen this round. i predict this war to go the way of the dvd+r / dvd-r war; stalemate.

you guys don't even see the whole picture aside from whatever you feel is the successor in this HD battle due to your brand loyalties. your dominance of 60/40 is of a 5% (HD) total movie sales where majority of BR players is the ps3. even amongst all ps3 owners only a handful (13%) actually use it as a BR player only. go figure mommy bought lil johnny the next playstation.

with that said this war will rage on. ps3 is a great BR player, there's no denying it... but sony fanboys' obvious selective reading gets the better of them. HD DVD stand alone players are only used as players and they outsell BR stand alones which tells you the general non d*ckriding public has a bigger voice than you bloggers. winning a war is about outselling hardware AND software.
maybe when you guys get more worthy games you'll use your ps3 more than just a BR player you toot so much about. you never thought since when that happens, what will the BR movie sales be like?

this war is far from over ladies. the longer it goes, the more likely that the 'exclusive' studios will jump format neutral. your own samsung BR partner is even releasing a universal player including HD DVD playback. if you fail to see that as a sign of things to come, then continue trolling dominance and how HD DVD is dead

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achira4022d ago

they will spin everything. the problem is the spin is far away from the truth.

alexander22rednaxela4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

This info war is far,far from over we are still going to discuss this well into 2009.

I still love regular dvds, they are cheaper, and they dont look THAT BAD?

Xbox 360 Will4022d ago

HD DVD fanboys have been shouting about from day 1 and now they are losing that foothold. So the only thing left for them to say is Universal has their back. And you know what i got to say to that. NOT FOR LONG.

Captain Tuttle4022d ago

What does this have to do with gaming?

ShAkKa4022d ago

nothing but it is a good entertaiment while there isn`t any good news of games.

djt234022d ago

nothing but i like the fact they are fighting over a format

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