Sizing Up Blu-ray and HD DVD

Way back in the technological dark ages (that'd be the '80s), VHS and Betamax competed to become the format of choice for people watching movies at home. The former eventually won that battle, while everyone who had bought a Betamax player became the proud owner of a very expensive paperweight. Then DVDs came along and replaced tapes altogether.

Now, couch potatoes everywhere face another choice in format: HD DVD or Blu-ray. Both offer discs and players with far superior picture and sound quality. But the companies supporting each (Toshiba, Intel and Microsoft for HD DVD; Sony, Samsung and Pioneer for Blu-ray) show no intention of making their baby compatible with the rival format -- meaning that, yes, one will most likely follow Betamax into the netherworld of eBay antiques.

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Bloodmask4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

have the exact same picture clarity.

Ad HDDVD is far cheaper. The only advantage that Blu ray has is more storage. If Toshiba wanted more storage they could easily add it.

HDDVD is cheaper for consumers as well as film studios. HDDVDs can be stamped out on regular DVD lines with minimal upgrades. With Blu ray requiring a whole separate line.

The only reason Bluray even has support is bc of PS3. HDDVD was on the market a full year before Bluray. Thank you Sony for screwing us consumers by creating another format war. Which if my history is correct you have lost every time.

ShAkKa4062d ago

you are so wrong that you should be name wrongfullymask not blood.

Vip3r4062d ago

"The only advantage that Blu ray has is more storage. If Toshiba wanted more storage they could easily add it."

So why didn't they?

"The only reason to pick Blu ray is if you are a PS3 fanboy."

I could say the same about supporting HD-DVD makes you a 360 fanboy. Also Blu-ray has a better selection of films which is probably the main reason it's beating HD-DVD atm.

Bloodmask4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

See that is the difference bw being a fan and a fanboy. You cannot disprove my logic so you resort to personal attack.

Sony could give away a free Pepperoni pizza with PS3 and your brain would automaticly decide that Pepperoni was the best. You lack the ability to reason and formulate a conclusion based on fact.

And Vip3r I do have a 360 but do not own a single HDDVD. And HDDVD does not equal Microsoft. HDDVD=Toshiba.

Understand?? If HDDVD was microsoft I would have an HDDVD drive in my 360....make sense?

Greysturm4062d ago

If hddvd had done its marketing it had all the oportunity to rise above bluray but unlike the xbox they didnt use this advantage for their own benefit.

Bluray has the advantage in storage both current and on their theoretical limits so no hddvd cant just slap more space in.

Last i checked both bluray discs and hddvds cost the same so we as consumers do not take the brunt from the new tech investment prices that are being covered by the studios unless hddvd is charging more...

The reason to support bluray over hddvd has nothing to do with being a "fanboy" its because in the movie part is has the most support and its larger storage make it future proof giving you a wider usage of the lines in the future unlike hddvd which in case we set a new standard of hd it will probably be useless and a new format would be needed. In the computer usage more space means more use.

So Sony never did screw the consumers rather toshiba did by offering something inferior and not gaining on its time advantage that gave sony the oportunity so offer some better tech thats has a longer lifetime than the competition accepted both by studios and consumers who have nothing to complain since "THEY CHOSE IT"

Vip3r4062d ago

"And Vip3r I do have a 360 but do not own a single HDDVD. And HDDVD does not equal Microsoft. HDDVD=Toshiba.

Understand?? If HDDVD was microsoft I would have an HDDVD drive in my 360....make sense?"

Except Microsoft supports HD-DVD hence why they have a HD-DVD drive for the 360.

Also M$ didn't include a HD-DVD drive because HD-DVD was really expensive at the time of the 360 release and it wasn't fully ready. Make sense?

Rageanitus4062d ago

There is only one Juggernaut left out of the blu-ray batch, thats universal. The others have already joined the blu wagon.

Umm last ive seen the ps3 Is a blu-ray player. You are simply blinded by your fanboyism.

Are you going to blame ps3 owners from buying BD discs. Ppl buy the media meaning they are part of the market. Simple eh. I guess not, cuz your fanboyism is blinding simple business concepts.

Have you heard of products like pda phones, they are multifunction products but they take up a crap load on the pda market. I remember the days when there were tons of pda's out there, now the market has shifted to these types of devinces. Are you going to go up to these succesful executives that helped create and promote these products and say their products dont count in this market.

heroman7114062d ago

bluray got the better movies and better movie makers

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Fisher3394062d ago

Who ever picks the loosing format is gonna get screwed, Mostly the Consumers....

If Toshiba Had any morales they would kill HD-DVD, Now. There are already 6 million Blu-ray ps3's(check IGN) to the like 1/4 million HD-DvD players(give or take a bit). Toshiba at the point just seems to be milking ppl for more money.

Sony beat Toshiba to the punch by including Blu-ray into a console. Sure I don't need blu-ray yet, But I didnt need DvD when i got my ps2. In time that will change...

cuco334062d ago

so with so many more BR players out on the market, how come all BR sells is split 60/40 in software?

only reason why BR is even alive with any potential to win is solely due to the ps3. if BR was released only on stand alone players, this war would all be over by now.

this war will end in a stalemate and many exclusive BR studios and hardware makers will become neutral as well. in business, it is only smart. latest was your own samsung releasing a universal player. with the dominance you guys toot so much about, and how there are 7 gazillion BR players versus the 32 HD DVD players, again i ask... how come only a 60-40 split of 5% of total movie sales?

TriggerHappy4062d ago

If you're one of the few gaming freaks still on the fence about whether to buy a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, consider this: The PS3 comes with a Blu-ray player (and has shipped more than 5.5 million units, helping the format seriously outpace HD DVD), while the Xbox 360 offers an external HD DVD attachment for about $200.

Both game systems are cheaper than most of the conventional players on the market. And if one format goes obsolete, you can still play Microsoft's Halo 3 (which drops in September) or Sony's Resistance: Fall of Man.


Fisher3394062d ago

Either way the gamer doesn't get the shaft. If blu-ray dies, Games will still be made on it, like how GameCube had the mini discs

the greatest4062d ago

blu ray drop lol
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akaFullMetal4062d ago

yea with a install rate of blu-ray players being in all the ps3s it outpaces the hddvd players by millions, so if anything, it looks like blu-ray is to stay, for hddvd we really dont know

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