Is Vista Microsoft's PS3?

Given the general anti-Vista sentiment appears to be rising, Todd Ogasawara (the writer of this article) wonders if Windows Vista may be Microsoft's PlayStation 3. Sony's PS2 was the dominant game console for many years. Even the Xbox really didn't do much more than dent its dominance. But, the PS3 doesn't seem very popular except with hard core gamers. The Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 seems to have over-taken the PS3.

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MK_Red4062d ago

I dont think its true. Vista's problem is not its price or the competition, its the lack of essential features. PS3's biggest problems are its price and Wii/360. It has enough tech and features.

Even in the games front, PS3 is getting all the big games it needs, from Uncharted to Heavenly Sword to MGS4 along with many more multi-platform titles but Vista so far has only Shadowrun and Halo 2 Vista as exclusive and neither of them justify the DX10 and Vista requirement and aside from Crysis, no upcoming game is really usefull for Vista (A classic like Bioshock runs on XP as well as StarCraft 2 & Fallout 3 as their devs stated) and even Crysis needs a uber PC to really shine.

socomnick4062d ago

Difference is vista is packed into all new pcs being bought so no matter what you will eventually have it. With the ps3 you of course have a choice of ownership.

power of Green 4062d ago

Really? people are upset because of Vista Gaming?, If there were more games on vista's gaming front people will like Vista?. Stop posting your wolf in sheeps clothing posts theres something about you thats shaddy as hell. You're the best Wolf yet you have alot of people fooled(one could check post history and study ratio's of post).

QuackPot4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Microsoft dominates the PC Operating System market. And with new PCs coming with Vista preloaded they will continue to dominate. They don't have to worry. Everyone is beholding unto Bill Gates and his monopoly....unless you all get some brains and migrate to Linux or start buying Macs.

The way they are dragging their heals with Vista sounds so much like how they have been dealing with the quality issues of the xbox 360. Monopolistic habits are hard to break it seems.

Foliage4043d ago

I know of a lot of Developers who refuse to support vista. Not to mention companies finding their full catalog of games to be incompatible on vista with no solution, it has become a tech. support nightmare.

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the greatest4062d ago

ps3 rules
xp rules
vista is so so

aiphanes4062d ago

And it is getting them. Vista will eventually become the will just take more time...just like the PS3 will eventually dominate like the PS2. The Wii is not the DS...and it will not dominate this generation because people will realize that they need graphics...HD graphics and online playability...which you do not get with the Wii.

Rooftrellen4062d ago

I'm glad someone tells me what I need, because without being told, I might not know.

You should have told people last gen they need graphics, though, because PS2, the weakest system, dominated.

Not that any of that really has much to do with Vista, but I don't see the PS3 and Vista looking the same at all, anyway. It's too different to compare to PS3, even by the standpoint of past dominance.

heavymetal3k4062d ago

I have vista on my laptop, and even though i dont use it to play games, i think its fine.

Madmax12819804062d ago

i ave vista ultimate on my pc and its really good better than xp infact alot more stable and better features plus its faster too :)

Caxtus7504062d ago

I do too! and love it! Looks nicer! Faster dekstop searching, better features for naming files, importing pics etc, Links fluently with my 360 (as expected) and the 360 controller plugs in and works driver or anything.

Games all play great. Everything is pretty much compatible like Xfire, Steam etc and i can play Halo 2 to get achievments.

Its fine! not needed all that much but cannot be critized for being a bad product!

WaggleLOL4062d ago

"the Xbox 360 seems to have over-taken the PS3."

Yep, that is why the PS3 is outselling the 360 by 2 to 1 worldwide even with a much higher price right now.

The 360 is dead in both Europe and Japan and selling to the exact same group of US gamers who bought the first Xbox.

Microsoft will be lucky to even reach Xbox worldwide numbers by the time they pull the plug on the 360 fiasco.

the greatest4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

think about this ps3
is slow catching up with
(so call no games)
so when the games start hitting
what are you going 2 say
ps3 doesnt have enough memory

ps3 rules
good sh!t WaggleLOL

BLACKJACK VII4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Link ?!?

Daxx4062d ago

So the Wii is still kicking all our asses... I feel so cold. v_v

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