Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii: The Future of Storage

Henry Newman from writes:

"This might sound a little weird coming from a lifelong propeller head, but the last home video game I played was Pong back in the 1970s, and that was because one of my cousins got it for his birthday. Pong and other early games bear little resemblance to the games of today. Besides the technology and realism, today's games are different just in the volume sold"

"Today I think it is quite likely that we will see a shift in the market where gaming devices become the driving force and the PC will become an add-on to the gaming device. I won't debate the societal value, positive or negative, behind this shift. The point is that we will all be affected by this change, and we need to begin to consider how."

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TriggerHappy3995d ago

The storage issue again, and with the recent games requiring space larger than even the average DVD (ie. Rage) where does all of this leave the wii ?

alexander22rednaxela3995d ago

The WII cant play next-gen games because of a processing weakness, not a space weakness. Though the flashdrive in the Wii is ridiculously small considering me and allot of other gamers can`t get enough of virtual console.

unsunghero283995d ago

Get an SD card, they're pretty cheap.

CNIVEK3995d ago regards to the 3 consoles in the title. He barely touched on the gaming industry AT ALL, let alone go into any details about the hardware/software configs of the 360, Wii, and PS3, and their futures. What a waste of time.

persian_prince3995d ago

true. pointless article from some guy who thinks hes a visionary einstein type thinker.

MK_Red3995d ago

I dont think Wii has storage issues (At least not on disk capacity case) because the reason a PS3/360/PC game like Rage needs so much disk space is the high quality graphics assets like big, huge textures and modern shaders all of which are totally out of Wii's league.

Last gen consoles like PS2 & Xbox all had their uber beautiful games like FFXII / God Of War 2 or Ninja Gaiden (Black) but non of them needed 2 DVDs and now Wii games look inferior to those titles and without HD support for HD movies (Which like the case of Resistance take a lot of space) Wii wont need a new format and no Wii game may ever need more than one DVD. At least, that's my opinion .

anthonsh3995d ago

I've done the math, and if you take the number of pixels in an HD picture, and compare it to a 480 image, the ratio is about the same as that of HD-DVD to DVD storage space. It is within 20% or so.

The point? The Wii is fine. Not to mention that this article doesnt even mention the Wii other than in the title.

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