Wiishful Thinking: 3 Games the Wii Desperately Needs takes a look into three things that would improve the Wii.

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Xeoset4062d ago

If anything, Okami should be brought everywhere, would love to see it hit the next gen consoles like Bully has.

Star Wars would be epic aswell.

alexander22rednaxela4062d ago

I bought the Wii because it is a great fitness device, although more real games would be great.

More games and less peripherals Nintendo.

calderra4062d ago

3 games the Wii really needs:
-New Mario
-New Zelda
-New Metroid

Regardless of what console we're talking about, or handheld, regardless of generation. Heck, you can toss in Super Smash Bros for fun.

It's not rocket science.

MK_Red4062d ago

Any list with Okami is a good one.

But what Wii really needs is a great 3rd party non-Nintendo game. So far Red Steel, Boogie and others have sucked and games like Elebits and Rayman Raving Rabbids while fun and decent enough are not classics. Wii has amazing first party titles like Mario Galaxy, SSBB and Metroid 3 but outside the Nintendo in-house games, things are terrible. (Far Cry Vengence anyone?)

jinn4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Halo 3
Soul Caliber 4
Burnout Paradise
Gears of War

but realistically none of these games would ever make it to the wii. you bought the wii and now you must suffer. but look on the bright side, you still have super smash bros brawl which we could never get.

ChickeyCantor4062d ago

Funny that you think that all people only buy 1 console.....
Im getting them all....more games for me =) i wont be suffering ill be gaming >=D

cain1414061d ago

Not all of us can afford all three lol... thats why I got a 360... when I can I will probally pick up the other 2...

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