Wii - "Forever Blue" recalled

Nintendo is making a recall for the buggy "Forever Blue" game, that started selling on Aug. 2

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TriggerHappy4056d ago

One of the very few games on the wii to get crazy reviews, and by crazy I mean really good, is buggy ?, The graphics are nice as well.

djt234056d ago

we know this already, i thought they recall it all ready and they are going to fixed the problem.

crck4056d ago

They didn't deny the bug or blame users for 18 months....

alexander22rednaxela4056d ago

"It`s a sad,sad situation, and it`s getting more and more..." Elton John`s music sums it all up. :(

MACHone4056d ago

It's a real shame that such an interesting looking game gets this negative spotlight. Of course, it's also good to see that the problem's already been taken care of.