Xbox 360 Preview: Beautiful Katamari Demo Explored

Along with this month's copy of Official Xbox Magazine came a demo disk which had, among other things, a playable demo of Beautiful Katamari, the highly anticipated sequel to We Love Katamari. Claiming to be huge Katamari fans, Cinemabland investigate.

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Xeoset4063d ago

Anyone know if this is due for Live!? I wanna play it, but I may just buy the mag for a quick fix.

original seed4063d ago

I have a subscription to it and although the game is hell of fun it is also very short. Its a 3 minute trial and it dont have a replay button. So you have to go to the begining to replay it and it dont seem worth it for 3 minutes.

Xeoset4063d ago

Hopefully it will come to Live! then.

jinn4063d ago

what is this game doing in the next generation.