Stranglehold: Tons Of Exclusive New Gameplay in Interaction Feature

Tons of exclusive new gameplay in this feature that explores the interactive environments.

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techie4063d ago

Oook...why does he float when he's lying down?

Why do banisters and other things glow to show you, you can interact with them!? Imagine if they did that on Tomb Raider....the ledges glowed. If banisters are interactive - then the player should know that. This means that the environment can't be entirely interactive, but only parts of it - and so the glowing needs to be there to let you know. Lame.

Plus - it's not looking too great.

shysun4063d ago

I totally don't agree with you.I played the Demo and boy was it fun!That's what games are all about

MK_Red4063d ago

Come on, don't be so harsh. The game is arcade chaotic fun and doesn't look that bad. But it is rough around the edges.

techie4063d ago

:/ never thought it looked that great. I like the destruction though.

MK_Red4063d ago

"I like the destruction though" Totally agreed. While the HD Hard Boiled movie and John Woo are the main reason for me to love this game, the total and crazy destruction thats promised is the gameplay-wise reason to get this game, at least for me. I love mayhem creating games.

PLAYWATCH4063d ago

I think I rather play this fast-paced action driven game than slow game like The Darkness that I'm playing now.

felidae4063d ago

i think The Darkness was overhyped

felidae4063d ago

the demo is fun and the game looks good. not Uncharted or Heavenly Sword good .. but good.

kingboy4063d ago

Might be tempted to pick this one up cause i love that old school hard boil gun partying but can`t stand these games biting off max payne with poor storyline`s

jay34063d ago

You mean with all the slo mo and things?

Hard Boiled did that.

Bullet time was after Tequila Time.

Matrix copied Hard Boiles.

People are copying John Woo, not the other way around.

shysun4063d ago

Well you know HB(movie) did that Max pain/matrix stuff along time ago!;)

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The story is too old to be commented.