God Of War Movie To Be HD DVD Only & Not Blu-ray?

In an interview its interesting to note that David Jaffe says that Universal is working on the God Of War movie still. According to a article it says that Universal acquired the rights from Sony Computer Entertainment over 2 years ago. After some research on the internet it seems that no one has caught on to the fact that if Universal is indeed making the movie and at the time of its release they are still HD DVD only then Blu-ray only owners may have to pick up the DVD version or opt to buy an HD DVD player. Hit the link for the video interview and check the alternative sources for confirmation that Universal acquired the rights from Sony.

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Xeoset4024d ago

Upsetting for the BluRay boys.

I seriously need to stop putting off getting these games =|. The fact this year has no dry season makes it hard as hell.

4me24024d ago

Movie is 2 years away plus another 6 moths before it comes on DVD. By that time Universal may not be HD-DVD exclusive!

heroman7114024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

either universal thinkin bout doing going sony exclusive or universal is not filming it jaffe even said it himself that he will not be working on a god of war 3 cause the gow is SONYS PROPERTY as much as halo is microsofts and i dont think sony wants it going hd - dvd

Douche4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Let me be the one to remind everyone of how David Jaffe criticized Blu-Ray. Well, maybe criticized is stretching it but when asked if there was one feature not needed in the PS3, Jaffe said that that is what he wouldn't put in it. I know it really isn't him who is making it an HD DVD only movie, but if brought up, I'm sure he'd be more than happy to keep it from coming to Blu-Ray. Seems like an ironic statment seeing as how he is loyal to Sony with his new studio, Eat Sleep Play, opening up with the first three new games exclusive to PS3.

EDIT - Do you know what criticized means? Obviously not, if you think it means to hate something. I know exactly why he said it shouldn't have been in the PS3 but the fact is, he said it knowing how much of a difference blu-ray is making for the PS3 in terms of all of the benefits. "The question asked was what "future" of the current PS3 would he have removed." Future? You mean feature? That is exactly what I stated. I am wondering if you are just posting against me to spite me. You, sir, are dense. David Jaffe did, in fact, make a big fuss over Blu-Ray and you are dumb for looking at this so one dimensional.

Mu5afir4024d ago

Let me make it more clear to you, since you obviously didn't understand what was asked, and what his reply was. The question asked was what "future" of the current Ps3 would he have removed. The answer David Jaffe gave was the Blu-Ray player, the reason behind it was.. it makes the console too expensive.

No where in that interview did David Jaffe say he hates Blu-Ray, or "loves" HD-DVD. I suggest you re-watch the interview, I am sure still has it up under the Bonus Round section.

Omegasyde4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Well said. If universal say went blueray what advantage would HDDVD have? Picture in picture, wait Blue ray has that now... Will HDDVD last that long in time for the movie premiere?


O I know HDDVD has the advantage of having smaller capacity and no exclusive support. To me thats whats matters, not storage, not having over 6 studios exclusive.

"I choose HDVD because I am a Sony hater/I bought HDDVD First/Inbred/Too stupid to let the best technology win/
<insert lame excuse here>. I chose HDDVD because I love Microsoft and I believe they can cure cancer. I would gladly sell my first born child to them. Sony failed at betamax, so lightning always strikes twice at the same spot."


Seriously. What is the Advantage of HDDVD? Put away the "Fanboyism" and look back at the two and accept the facts.

Blabbermouth4024d ago

And people actually believe this bs. Why would Sony give the rights to someone to make a movie of their game, then let them not release it on their format. Thats just stupid. LOL

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LSDARBY4024d ago

This wouldnt be my kind of film anyway, good as a game im not so sure about a film

DrPirate4024d ago

Definition of Irony. Like the Halo movie going on HD-DVD.

But if Sony owns the IP to God of War, why in holy hell would they ask Universal to make it.

I call fake.

LaxMan9864024d ago

it could be fake... or universal is soon going to see the light and go blu

sonarus4024d ago

It will take at least 2 yrs for the GOW movie to hit theatres and by then universal would have chosen blu ray or high def formats would cease to exist and it will be all about VOD

xfrgtr4024d ago

Halo goes bluray only and GOW hddvd only

ddldave4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

i'm pretty sure sony has something backed up behind this as a secret such as universal going neutral or bd exclusive by the time it comes out. sony isn't retarded like microsoft.

so theres two things that happened.
2) Sony having a secret behind this.