Onkyo's High-End HD DVD Player Due This Fall

After initially tipping its hand last June, Japanese electronics manufacturer Onkyo has officially announced that it plans to release its first HD DVD player this fall.

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Lord Anubis3941d ago

the deck will be one of the first HD DVD players to stream all high-resolution audio formats via HDMI version 1.3a, including Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Lossless Master Audio and uncompressed PCM, as well as standard Dolby Digital-Plus and DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio.

ah same they haven't been able to experience the movies in the latest audio formats.

cdzie13941d ago

With this player, the 3 newly announced Toshiba models, the Xbox HD DVD drive, Toshiba laptops with HD DVD and cheaply priced players from China coming soon, I’d say there is an HD DVD player in everyone’s budget.

I’m looking at the high-end A35 Toshiba player just announced for $500.

tk3941d ago

Off post.. but this "new look" just sucks. Really... bring back the old style. It is difficult to read comments with this new format.

Heck - at $500. Just get a PS3.

Bloodmask3941d ago

Will you sit inside Circuit City and stalk it?

Fighter3941d ago

When HD-DVD players are displayed in stores or on web sites or wherever, they should have a little sign beside them saying that only certain studios support HD-DVD and you won't be able to play any movies by Blu-ray exclusive studios.

Blu-ray should do the same so that consumers will get the player that has the most exclusives and the best titles.