Illinois to get world's fastest supercomputer at one petaflops

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will house the $208 million Blue Water supercomputer to be built by IBM for operations beginning in 2011.

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Meus Renaissance3937d ago

One day all that power will be in a laptop

ShiftyLookingCow3937d ago

One day all that power will be in Bender's cute greeting card for Mom

Rute3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

Here's a story. Donald Trump decides to produce a gaming console called "Trump Huge" with power equaling that supercomputer. It would have a huge hard drive of 9.5 yottabytes, a free huge 1001 Zettabyte externet connection for downloading games and everything would run smoothly in huge 10,000,000,800p at huge 777 fps. The console would weigh only huge 277.3 kg and be the size of a huge regular fridge.

The games would be played with a huge standard wireless pad controller lacking rumble. Trump says no gimmicks, so none, not even the third parties could make peripherals for it.

The consoles would be sold at huge $4000 loss, costing only huge 30,000 dollars for the consumer. The huge games cost about huge $500 each. The killer app for Trump Huge is a game named "Huge First person shooting" with photorealistic graphics. Every single molecule in the game is modeled independently and is destructible according to huge laws of physics. The huge lighting effect is based on virtual photons, emitted by a huge virtual sun. The mission in the game is to shoot huge enemies, with a huge 4 hour single player experience and a huge 10 map multiplayer.

The question is: would you buy the console? (agree means yes, disagree means no)

@Kyur4ThePain: I ask this question because most of the cool kids at N4G seem to think that a console is the best choice out there if
A) it has the most powerful hardware
B) it has a game with the best graphics and physics
C) it is sold at huge loss (=worth the price according to the same people)

This is just a test to see if they/you actually think that gaming is about more than just technology.

Kyur4ThePain3937d ago

The question is why did you just type all of that?

Daxx3937d ago

The future is now and thank goodness I'm living in it.