Wii takes back No. 1 sales rank from Xbox 360

Nintendo's Wii home video game system took back the #1 sale position from Microsoft's Xbox 360 at, in restock that helped spur sales at the online retailer.

Wii, which returned to unavailability shortly after Fri. restock, ranks as the top selling product at' Computer & Video games division. The Xbox 360 ranks at #5 and Sony's PS3 took the #6 rank on Sat.

The xbox 360 reached the #1 sales rank on Thurs. evening following the price that reduced the Premium By 50%, but did not last long.

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unsunghero284022d ago

Price cut as much as you want, but you just can't stop the Wii...

I wonder how long this trend will continue. I mean, wow, Wii > Halo 3...

NextGen24Gamer4022d ago

Would it overtake the Wii right now?

The Premium is number 5 and the Elite is right behind it at number 12. The you have the core in the top 50 now.

Just a thought. The Wii is still playing catch up in the USA to the 360....At 3 million sold...its half of the 360's 6 million sold in the USA. So with its 250 price I would expect it to continue to sell very well.

Where Nintendo has a huge advantage over MS is in Japan. While the 360 hasn't even hit a million....the Wii is going on 3 million there.

In Europe the 360 still has the lead in consoles sold to date...though its not nearly as massive as the USA lead.

THAMMER14022d ago

The elite and the Pro are both in the top 25. Double damage.

unsunghero284022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

As the article pointed out, the Wii is already sold out. It actually has no stock left, so it's really not possible to compare the 360 to the Wii...

The point is that, overall, Nintendo is still selling more Wii's than MS is selling 360s. MS may have a pretty big lead, but were the consoles to continue at this rate for the rest of their lifespans the Wii would emerge with a higher sales number.

Now, as I'm sure you do, I doubt this rate will continue for the rest of their lifespans, especially with the release of Halo 3. But they're getting closer and closer.

alexander22rednaxela4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Well amazon only represents those who buy through the web.

You have to take into account that 360 have 3 skus selling on amazon, you have to ad those sales together to get a clear picture.

PStriple7034022d ago

when the ps3 was at number one it lasted weeks...

eLiNeS4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Also, amazon sold out of the Pro version and was selling stock from J&R for a day or two but now they just posted a new SKU listing it "with HDMI".

You should be seeing it moving soon when people get wind of this new SKU with HDMI.

THAMMER14022d ago

I bet retail is cleaning up.

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The story is too old to be commented.