Bioshock: 1up Yours Podcast

"Once you pick up the controller and go into Rapture, you will not want to put it down."

"...the best pacing in a first person shooter ever."

"...handles the gunplay so incredibly well..."

"...better than Half-Life and Half-Life 2." -1UP Yours Podcast

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TheMART4061d ago

Yup it has GOTY all over it.

Bioshock. Console exclusive on the 360. August will sell many 360's again with this killer app.

JsonHenry4061d ago

I am NOT a PS3 fanboy, but if this game is so damn good, then it will eventually make it to the PS3. Kinda like how we all know that MGS4 will end up on the 360 sooner or later as well.

I am getting this game for the most superior gaming platform of all time - My home built PC!!

THAMMER14061d ago

I'll give it to you for having a great PC that can run this game. But really, what does that have to do with anything? Are you just trying to agitate The MART?

The 360 version will be sweet too, you know it will but, BIG UPS to you for talking about your PC. That was some good news.

socomnick4061d ago

Yea I wana build me a gaming rig but its too complicated so im sticking with the xbox 360 version with my 56in 1080p tv and 1000 watt onyko 7.1 surround sound.

Bloodmask4061d ago

of many AAA titles to be released this Holiday season for 360. Good job Micro on securing exclusive rights.

jay34061d ago


Expect a lot of arguments on the Bioshock for PS3 situation.

alexander22rednaxela4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Microsoft will pay allot of money for this game to be 360 exclusive, because this is the title they need to replace halo.

360Crusader4061d ago

Bioshock is gonna be something special. I expect it to be one of the better games schedule to be released this year.

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