Eternal Sonata Hands-On

Namco Bandai supplied TeamXbox with a preview version of the game, and they spent a few hours with it to check out what it will have in store when it comes out next month.

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Honeal2g4063d ago

i prefer this game to Blue Dragon i dont know why probably cause of the fighitng style ..those day and night attacks are pretty sick

Xeoset4063d ago

For me it's the whole mixture.

The music, the art style, the emotion in the story and the gameplay. Not forgetting all the stuff you can collect on the side, like the music pieces.

ParaDise_LosT4063d ago

demo was incredibly good....I didn't expect it
It was so dream like and the world was so colorful and vibrant...
I like this game alot :)
and yeah the music pieces :o

This game
and Lost Odyssey are must buys for me :)

360Crusader4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

I'm looking forward to both Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata.
Its not every day you can play JRPG's of this caliber.
The only other company that really does JRPG is Atlus, (often anyways).
By the way anyone else plan on picking up Persona 3?

Xeoset4063d ago

Persona 3?

I'm also looking forward to Cry On and Lost Odyssey aswell, more so Lost Odyssey, the fight scenes look immense.

EDIT: Also, WTF is up with the comments?

360Crusader4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Yes I'm looking forward to lost Odyssey as well. Persona 3 is Atlus new turn base rpg coming out for PS2 it looks pretty good. You should check into it. It will be shipped 8-14-07 in the US. Here a link with some info.

Edit: Thats a good question MK Red. I really dont get it either.

Edit 2: I just noticed their is no online play. Hmm well thats okay.
Sure would of been nice for some online multi player though.

MK_Red4063d ago

I still don't know why such a huge name difference. Eternal Sonata & Trusty Bell...

Tempo4063d ago

this is a good game, i agree with Xeoset the combination of all those elements really makes this game a worthwhile purchase. Its combat system is unique to say the least.

power of Green 4063d ago

The little kid is the best. The music, the vibrance and detail with the wind blowing though the enviroment, top notch. I'm still having trouble defeating the Pig Monster.

Real time action and the easy smooth power and ability set-ups sold me on this must buy title.

The Detail and the fantasy colors are great. The flower field and the forest takes you to a place not seen on Xbox this generation.