Left 4 Dead Hands-On Preview & Movie Blowout

The city has been infected by a hideous new strain of rabies, and you're one of the few survivors, however, you may not always be helping them. Even though Left 4 Dead is essentially a shooter that's built with the Source Engine (and not part of the upcoming Orange Box) this is not a run and gun shooter. If you don't play alongside the other survivors, and try to Rambo everything - you will die. However, the beauty of Left 4 Dead is that you also have the option of playing on the Infected side, meaning campers and griefers now have a game to call their own.

For gameplay videos head to the media section.

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MK_Red4062d ago

Resident Evil Vs Counter Strike... This game could be really good if done right. Designers've had some good experince with addictive multiplayer games but how this turns out? Time will tell. Counter Strike 1.6 is still played, could L4D have a similair fate?

allexx_24061d ago

Killing some zombies with ur friends online will be really fun and addicting.....I can imagine it now....