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Japanese hardware sales

Take a look at whats been selling in the land of the rising sun. (Industry)

THAMMER1  +   2999d ago
The land of the rising sun!!!!
The land of the rising sun is now the land of the rising X.
Captain Tuttle  +   2998d ago
I wonder why 360 sales are up? 99 nights?
shotty  +   2998d ago
I think Chromehounds took it up a bit in Japan, I have met alot of people from Japan playing chromehounds.
Say's you  +   2995d ago
Oh please THAMMER1
Are you that much retarded in the head? when really the 360 isn't doing !crap! in the Land of the Rising Sun? so really its not going to be an X there's going to be only a "P" in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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