Game Head: David Jaffe meets Uwe Boll

Will Uwe direct the God of War movie?

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hongthay4059d ago

I hope that Uwe Boll is not making the God of War movie. How about getting somebody with some quality movies behind them? Like they did for the Heavenly Sword game. God of War is too good of a game to have a Uwe Boll ruin it on film.

ShiftyLookingCow4059d ago

watch the video, its funny how David Jaffe declines the offer.

batman2million4058d ago

i can't believe people actually fund his movies.. this guy can't make movies

MK_Red4058d ago

I would rather kill myself or eat a <Insert your Angry Nintendo Nerd quote here> than see GOW movie made by that mad director.

alexander22rednaxela4058d ago

Uwe Boll seems like the kinda gut that never listens to criticism, and when you think like that it gets really hard to improve.

Kinda worong of Jaffe to build up Uwe`s hopes sugesting him directing the movie was ok, only to crush it later.

jay34058d ago

The Postal 3 game, you can kill a guy with a Badger.

You grab it's tail and it's neck, then you walk up to someone and it starts like, clawing their face off.

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