The Top 10 Video Game Remakes

Remakes are essentially a hallmark of the games industry. If you have a good idea that spawns a lot of sequels, spin-offs, and maybe (in some cases) a kart racer or two, that groundbreaking idea is bound to be remade sometime in the future to cash in on the loyal supporters. The thing is, sometimes those remakes turn out even better than the original masterpiece.

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Covenant4062d ago

Very good list. The Resident Evil remake represents one of the rare cases of the remake far exceeding the original. An equally interesting list would be "Top Ten Worst Remakes."

MACHone4062d ago

Before I even read this, I thought that if Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (GCN) aren't somewhere on the list, I don't really agree with it. But there they are, and at great spots, too. Makes me wanna play some of the other games they put on there now. I think I've played about seven or eight already, though.