UK Govt Threatning Long-Term Development

Following on from comments made by Eidos CEO Jane Cavanagh earlier in the week, the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association has said that it feels the government should offer more financial backing to the industry in the UK.

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Meus Renaissance4022d ago

Ninja Theory is a UK developer. I put that up instead of Eidos because this problem affects all developers, so I should be able to choose which developer I want to represent.

Infernus4022d ago

Ninja Theory have done amazingly well considering this funding problem. Then again Ninja Theory went international to help make Heavenly Sword, though it was still UK based, the US support helped a lot.

I say good luck to Ninja Theory and also well done on Heavenly Sword!

Infernus4022d ago

I've heard that statement a lot over the past few years and haven't actually believed it until now. Gaming truly is the future and the government should be backing it more.

Currently people see gaming as something kids or loners do, yet all of a sudden having a MySpace or Facebook account is cool and those that don't have one are missing out??? What's up with that... Well gaming is exactly the same imo, those that have never played a game are missing out big time.

Gaming helps your eyesight for one thing, recently revealed through scientific studies, gaming helps with the precision of your eyesight, rather than damaging it (as previously thought). Gaming helps keep your brain healthy too, something that watching TV can't achieve.

There are a lot of benefits of gaming that people don't know about, including our government. Gaming needs more funding, more precisely, the up-and-coming gaming companies and development teams need more funding.

It's difficult enough to make a break-through in the gaming industry with funding, but with a lack of funding that task becomes increasingly more difficult...