French Connection, Not OK

Much has been made in the last couple of days over EA's newfound 25 per cent share of voting rights in French rival Ubisoft - a move which, if sensational news headlines around the web are to be believed, is a clear sign that an acquisition bid is imminent.

In fact, nothing of the sort is happening - and EA's increased voting rights don't actually reflect any action by the publishing giant, which hasn't acquired a significant block of shares in Ubisoft since mid-2005.

Instead, this entire furore has been kicked off by a slightly obscure piece of stock market law in France, which allows certain shares to gain additional voting rights after they've been held for a given amount of time. It's a system designed to encourage long-term shareholding, and in Ubisoft's case, voting shares double their votes after two years.

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alexander22rednaxela4024d ago

Ok! that`s nice to know. Good luck EA & Ubisoft.