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Submitted by SactoGamer 2000d ago | news

Ten worst handheld gaming consoles of all time

Although the successes of Nintendo's Game Boy go back to the late 1980's and Sony's PSP is on its fourth variation, there have been a number of failed attempts to get a foothold in the very competitive handheld gaming market. While SEGA's Game Gear did well enough to avoid this list, ten others get the dubious honor of being on it -- including one each from Sony and Nintendo. (Culture, Mobile, PSP, Retro)

alphakennybody  +   2000d ago
The psp go might have had disappointing debut and sales, but its the best Handheld console available for hardcore gamers.
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KratosGirI  +   2000d ago
The PSP in general, yes. The Go with its lack of physical media, not so much.
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alphakennybody  +   2000d ago
although I always prefer having physical media, its actually a plus when you're on the go ( no pun intended), carrying many umd in my pockets became kinda annoying at some point.
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Mr_Bun  +   2000d ago
The main problem the Go has is that the entire UMD collection isn't available via the PSN store...Games like Crisis Core should be available for download.
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qface64  +   2000d ago
the go is very far from the best
less game selections compared to the psp
digital download only
higher price than anything else on the market

where is the best?
convenient maybe but the best? far from it
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Blaine  +   2000d ago
What the fuck does News10 know about gaming?
I'm not really interested in the PSP because of its form factor, but its game library is stellar. I am considering picking up a Go, though, because of how small it is.

@Eddy Raja

Lack of UMD is what interests me in the Go in the first place, and for the reason you mentioned: you don't have to carry all those UMDs with you. Want to switch games? Just go to the XMB and pick another one, don't have to swap discs.

@Mr Bun

Gimped library is the only reason I haven't bought a Go yet. Crisis Core actually is on the store, but other name-worthy games aren't (Jak), and I don't want to buy the console knowing I'm limiting my game options.

Edit: My bad, I just checked, and Crisis Core isn't there. It was Dissidia! No way am I buying a Go if I can't play Crisis Core on it.
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Close_Second  +   2000d ago
The PSP Go...
is a stellar handheld gaming console. I get sick of people bringing up the physical media argument. When was the last time you heard anyone complain about their mp3 player not using physical media.

Basically, get with the times. Faster loading times, better battery life, being able to use on up to 5 PSPs concurrently beats having the physical media any day of the week.
Games4M - Rob  +   2000d ago
Jeez all these people whining about the PSP go - Its lack of physical media is its selling point dummies.

I spend 2.5 hours every day commuting to work and back and i want a games consoel that fits in my pocket and that i dont have to carry around a shitload of disks for. Just like how i like my iod for how i dont have to carry around a shitload of CD's.

And give it a rest with crisis core already - its a good game but the PSP's game catalogue does not begin and end with crisis core.

Also i picked my 16Gb go up btand new for £140 with 10 free games - dosnt sound expensive to me at all since it does everything that an ipod 8gb does which costs £130 and can only play rubbish shovelware games.
Muletroid  +   2000d ago
"Its lack of physical media is its selling"

that's funny because its not even selling xD

its not just crisis core there is also birth by sleep and a back catalog of games already available on the psp
Games4M - Rob  +   2000d ago
Sure its selling, not in massive numbers but then again its a 6 year old console with a 60 million user base. Its not like everyone is going to rush out and buy one like its some new revolutionary device because its not. Its a more portable PSP which is there as a choice for people like me who arent obsessed with physical media and who value having all their games on the move.

As for the games then try looking what is there rather than what isnt. GOW, MGS, Wipeout, Disgaea, GTA, Persona, Patapon, - there's more than enough for me to play without crying over a few titles that are missing.
hatchimatchi  +   2000d ago
PSP GO is a flaming piece of hot garbage. The handheld itself is nice but there's no point in owning one if sony isn't going to properly support it. Each week the store updates get worse and worse. Someone effed up big time with the handling of the go and they need to be fired for it.
Sigh  +   2000d ago
Exactly Mr Bun
I thought about getting GO but not seeing Crisis Core on the PSN made me think otherwise. Regular PSP is good to go for both Digital and Umd playability.
Natsu X FairyTail  +   2000d ago
PSP Go was dumb IMO. PSP netherless is a Great console . I often play bleach heat the soul's games and Tales games.
KratosGirI  +   2000d ago
My cousin had an N-Gage.
He thought it was cool, but I didn't want to upset him with the ugly truth about the taco....
CobraKai  +   2000d ago
Can the virtual boy really be considered a handheld. I mean that sum bitch needed to be put on a table and played with a controller.
R2D2  +   2000d ago
Holy sh!t I remember playing it at my friends house
- the thing was massive and made you look like you were taking an eye exam.
BiggCMan  +   2000d ago
gameboy micro should be on this list.
RH06  +   2000d ago
I don't know
Micro Famicom was sweet though...until I sold it... :(
Now its a Rare handheld! Yep some places $200+ new lol
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jerethdagryphon  +   2000d ago
nomad has no business being on that list

the high power concerns are due to the time it existed in with modern lion batterys a system like that would have 8-10 hour charge life
BannedForNineYears  +   2000d ago
PSP Go is a bad handheld?
Might as well replace that with the Phat PSP if you think the Go is bad.
The PSP has too many great games to be on this list. v_v
hatchimatchi  +   2000d ago
Yea, and that's exactly why the Go is on the list. The selection of games available for it is downright pathetic. No one is saying the psp is a bad handheld, it's sony's support for the Go that killed it in its tracks.
silvacrest  +   2000d ago
thats funny because
there are more pirated PSP games available on one website (i wont say which) then there are on PSN

i hope with the up coming PSPhone sony will try harder to get more games on PSN
TheLastGuardian  +   2000d ago
Psp go should not be on the list. Other than the outrageous price and the download only it's one of the best handheld's ever but not as good as the psp 3000 imo. Imagine if Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories was a launch title for psp2. The only reason Rockstar hasn't made it is because they can't fit the whole state on one umd but I doubt that will be a problem for the psp2. That game would kill anything the 3ds has to offer.
hatchimatchi  +   2000d ago
The Go is absolute garbage. There are so many games missing from the psn and some of the games are broken. The PSN version of GTA Stories is completely broken and will probably never be fixed. The majority of the back catalog of psp games is completely unavailable to Go owners.

Think about it, you own a handheld, but you cannot go into a store and buy a game for the handheld. You have to wait and hope that sony will update the store with your game of choice.

Last week they gave us Madden 2011...the week before that....Groovin Blocks

The psp go fucking blows.
Tron_Rocks  +   2000d ago
ATARI Lynx Rocked
ok it was big and had a bad battery life but it kicked the Game Gear and ESPECIALLY the Gameboys butt! Whereas graphics, sound games and Features was concerned it was truly AWESOME!
This Article is LAME if not for any other reason but this......
CaptainPunch  +   2000d ago
I remember buying the Gameboy Micro and returning it the same day because it was way too small, I ended up getting a Gameboy SP instead.
Bloodyghost  +   2000d ago
It was actually good.
I still have the Mario Aniversary Collectors Edition wrapped up and in mint condition...wondering if the thing will be as popular as the old Game and Watches to collectors some day.
darkdoom3000  +   2000d ago
Disareee about the PSPgo. It's overpriced as all hell, but an awesome device. I bought one for half price, which was perfect. It's so small, light and portable.

Lack of physical media is not a big deal for me, I had started getting all my games from PSN a while ago.
hot4play  +   2000d ago
Agreed. Although some people do have a point about older games still not appearing on PSN (eg. Crisis Core), the PSP still has a very solid game library and all new titles appear on PSN. Im pretty sure Dissidia, MGS Peace Walker, Tekken 6, Patapon, PSone classics, etc. will keep you busy (and happy).

There's also GOW: Ghost of Sparta, KH: Birth by SLeep and The 3rd Birthday coming soon...!!! =)
iamnsuperman  +   2000d ago
The only handheld game device to success really is the gameboy, DS and the iphone....thats it. Surprised they managed to slim the list down to just 10
Tuxmask55  +   2000d ago
You forgot the Tamagatchi. My sister LOVED those things back in the early 1990's.
mcstorm  +   2000d ago
I have just got the go because there was a offer in the UK for a PSPGO with 10 games for £200 so I traded in my 3000 and I have to say I am glad I did the screen is miles better fits in my pocket battery life is better bluetooth support for ps3 controller or head set and I don't have to carry all the games around with it.

I think for £200 with out any games its expensive but with the games I got with it is worth it.

I mainly use it for playTV when I am on the move but I don't find the controls that bad and it feels better built.

I really think if Sony dropped the price of the Go it would outsell the 3000 for people buying new devices and if they worked something out so you you download the games you already have on umd then alot of people would upgrade to it too.
Games4M - Rob  +   2000d ago
You should have shopped around mate. I got mine for £140 in the UK with the 10 free games.
mcstorm  +   2000d ago
When I got mine it the offer looked like it was only HMV who had the offer on and every shop in town were not aware of the offer but I did find it cheaper a week later but are well £200 was a good price at the time.
Karum  +   2000d ago
PSP Go as a piece of hardware is just as good as the regular PSP and it's not intended for everyone, it's for those that want to be a bit more portable and don't want to carry UMD's around.

The faults with the PSP Go are not hardware based at all, it's in the price of the device and with the content, both with the price of it and how much support the digital versions of games get. Paying the same price as a UMD game is pretty stupid.

I think it also confuses some consumers which doesn't help at all.

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