CVG previews Heavenly Sword

Ambitious doesn't seem like a big enough word for Heavenly Sword. We've all heard whispers about how Nariko's hair uses more processing power than a small infantry division of lesser games. Playwright Steven Berkoff - yes, General Orlov from Octopussy - stars as a boss. The Prague philharmonic are doing the music. It's a big project, a PS3-exclusive console-shifter, and it shows. Everyone involved talks about interactive movies, pushing back the boundaries of motion-capturing, how much they've spent. But none of this says what it's like as a game.

At worst, Heavenly Sword's a beautiful demonstration of PS3's grunt, using terrifying facial animation and dramatic staging to transform a normal slasher into something spectacular. At best, it could transcend Goddess Of War comparisons to become PS3's first essential exclusive buy. And if that happens, Sony have really got themselves a match made in heaven.

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TnS3993d ago

It is under the Xbox Previews on CVG. :)

THC CELL3993d ago

Dont get ya hope up TNS and Loudninja

X box has never seen this game

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The story is too old to be commented.