Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Preview by CVG

Following in the footsteps of the astonishing Resident Evil 4 on GameCube and the recent special edition on Wii, Umbrella Chronicles was always going to have a hard time persuading Resi fans that it would be a worthy successor.

Being a linear shooter designed for the Wii remote, it's more of a followup to the Gun Survivor and Dead Aim titles than the Resi 5 we were all hoping for. It's set in locations from the first three games in the series, and the E3 demo took in a bit of the mansion from the original Resi as well as the gloomy streets of the sequel's Raccoon City.

If you were hoping for something innovative from Resi's first exclusive outing on Wii you'll have to revise your expectations, because Umbrella Chronicles is a back-to-basics game. That's necessarily a bad thing, but there's nothing in the E3 demo that couldn't be done comfortably on any other console with a standard controller configuration.

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